What is inside a computer?

A few of the main things inside a computer


The RAM, it stands for ' Random Access Memory ' . It is the piece of hardware that keeps all your computers short term memory. And then clears it all once you close down your computer
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The motherboard

The motherboard is the hard wear that allows the CPU and the RAM to communicate to each other. It is the main hard wear in the computer.
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The CPU , ( the hard drive)

The CPU stands for ' Central Processing Unit ' .This part of the computer tells the rest of the computer what to do. It contains lots of electrical signals to direct the rest of the hard wear. It is sometimes called ' the brain '
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The Optical Drive

An optical drive uses a laser light to read data from the hard wear in the computer. It also lets you to play music or watch movies.
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The Microchip

The microchip Is the main storage place in the computer. it is very small and usual made from silicon.