Safari Montage

Our Learning Object Repository (LOR)

The SC Department of Ed also selected SAFARI Montage to serve as the statewide LOR, being called the Instruction Hub. Click here to learn more: What is Safari Montage?

SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR): What is a LOR?

Did you know?

You can get to Safari from anywhere by typing the following:

SAFARI Montage connects with Google Drive. Once this is completed, a search within SM will reveal results of related items inside the Google Drive account attached.

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What's Inside?

  1. Discovery Education Experience
  2. TrustED Apps Dashboard (list of approved apps)
  3. Discus
  4. Virtual Field Trips
  5. Textbook Common Cartridges
  6. Paid Publisher Content from SC DOE
  7. SDPC Teacher Created Videos by Standard
  8. YouTube Videos
  9. Regular TV Channels
  10. Upload your own content

SAFARI Montage is a safe place for students of all ages to search for content related to materials and subjects being discussed in class. Search results include videos, images, weblinks, documents, ebooks, textbooks cartridge materials and more.

Creating a Playlist

One of the best ways to utilize the content available in Safari Montage is to create a playlist based on the current topic of study. These playlists can be shared in Schoology with students.

Playlists, as well as individual videos, can be used for differentiation, reinforcement, and remediation in the classroom.

Are you ready to learn more about Safari Montage?

We have created a self-paced course that covers everything that you might need to be successful at using Safari Montage. Please join the Course in Schoology. The access code is N4KD-MN5Z-TNXHH. Once in, you will click on the SAFARI Montage folder to complete the modules.
Safari Montage Help

Tutorials, Help Guides, Videos

SDPC Textbook Cartridges Loaded in SM

Math Cartridges

  • 6th Math: McGraw Hill Glencoe
  • 7th Math: McGraw Hill Glencoe
  • 8th Math: McGraw Hill Glencoe
  • Algebra 1: McGraw Hill
  • Geometry: HMH

Social Studies Cartridges

  • 6th SS: McGraw Hill-World History
  • 7th SS: McGraw Hill Contemporary Cultures
  • Government: Holt McDougal US Government
  • Economics: McGraw Hill
  • World Geography: HMH

Science Cartridge

  • Env Science: HMH

ELA Cartridges

  • 6th ELA: HMH
  • 7th ELA: HMH
  • 8th ELA: HMH

Due to the fact that these textbook cartridges are available in the LOR, teachers of these courses may find additional resources in Safari that are included in the textbooks. It would be advantageous to take the time to review the many digital resources available for your course.