An interview with Mrs. Stutz

by Moriah Khalil

Do you know Mrs. Stutz?

Mrs. Stutz is a Baylor graduate who has a degree in Science in Education. Mrs. Stutz teaches Pre-AP English 2 and On-level English 2 for tenth grade. She also is the teacher for the schools Johnny Rebs! She has a busy schedule and teaches with so many students, but for her it is all worth it because she loves the relationships she gains with the students!

Heres a look at her schedule!

1st period- English 2

2nd period- Pre-AP English 2

3rd period- Pre-AP English 2

4th period- PLC

5th period- Johnny Rebs

6th period- conference

7th period- English 2

more information

Mrs. Stutz teaches tenth grade and the Johnny Rebs 11th-12th grade. She teaches English 2 Pre-AP and on-level. The classroom environment was very happy and joyful. It was very organized and well set up. The classroom was full of light and laughter. She shows laughter and fun at the same time as she teaches.

All student each get an interactive reader to mark there own notes. The teacher gives strategy questions and talks about any of the questions or the problems the students have. She allows the students to talk to the class and share there opinion on the subject given. She makes sure everyone has had a say, and she also encourages other kids who don't usually speak out loud to do so.

Mrs. Stutz hours are school hours, Monday-Friday and on Saturday for 4 hours. The biggest challenges for her is the lack of respect or under-appreciated socially and by the students. The biggest rewards are the relationships she gains with the students and how she can feel one with the student. Self motivation needed for this job is quite a lot she says, and of a 1-10 it takes and 8.