Makayla Branham

My animal is a dolphin,I chose a dolphin because it is an instresting animal and it lives in my favorite habitat.So lets get learning!!
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Caring For There Young

Did you know that after a baby calf is born it immediately swims to a surface for its first breath?A new born is about a third as long as its mother.Females almost always give birth to one calf at a time.
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What It Looks Like

*Dolphins have a torpedo shaped body.

*They have dorsal fins on there back.

*There tails are powerful and it is called fluckers.

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*Dolphins eat a veriety of fish everyday.

*Dolphins search for squid,salmon,capelin,anchovy and other types of fish.

*Dolphins hunt for food during the day.

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Instresting Facts

*A baby dolphin is called a calf.

*A female dolphin is called a cow.

*A male dolphin is called a bull.
*Most dolphins live in large groups.

*Dolphins have exeallent hearing.

*There life spam goes to about years.

*There weight goes to around 330-44016.

*There length goes to 13 feet.

*Dolphins communicate in high pitched voices.