The Crucible

Jake, Leonel, Freddy

Arthur Miller

He comes from a poor family.

He had to wait to gather more money for college due the having a poor family.

He was investigated possible association to the communist party. but was found guilty then his sentence was over turned

He was married to Marilyn Monroe

in 1692 witch craft triles and later on in the 1940's 1950's its happening again

The only play that was wrote in his 5 year marriage was the "Misfits"

1)All My Sons

2) Pulitzer Prize For Death Of A Salesman

3)The Crucible

4) The Price

5) The Last Yankee

Marilyn Monroe

Had a 5 year marriage with Arthur


In 1692 British Colony was swept by which craft that resulted the execution of 20 people and the jailing of at least 150 others

Some people was just practicing folk customs that had survived in Europe since pre Christian times

The government would make witch hunts

the minsters daughters and other girls were having seizures and lapses the minsters learned were with one of his slaves "Tituba" who was fortunetelling with them

Reverend Parris

His a widower with no interest in childeren

Betty Parris

the daughter of Reverend Parris


She is an African American slave

she's in her 40's

Abigial Williams

The reverend's Niece

Susanna Walcot

Mrs. Ann Putnam

shes one to start drama

Thomas Putnam

Mercy Lewis

Mary Warren

shes trying to tell them to confess that if your in witchcraft your going to be killed

and was appart

John Proctor

he said i will cut off his hand before he reaches for her again

Rebecca Nurse

Giles Corey

Martha Corey

Reverend John Hale

Elizabeth proctor

Francis Nurse

Ezenkiel Cheever

Mashal Herrick

Judge Hathoron

Deputy Govero