Showing Kindness

By: Mily Talati

Discovery Middle School

The theme of Discovery Middle School is that they are kind to those around them. This theme is shown in DMS and in the world around us.

In School

This theme applies in DMS because they have a club called Builder's Club. In Builder's Club, they create activities for the other kids to do. They also have fundraisers for other organizations such as for the United Way Foundation. They are basically just a group of people who help other organizations gain money and help their school become a more fun and friendly place. I really like this organization because I think that kids become more social and they get to know more people. I think it is a good way to help people too.

This theme also applies in DMS because the 8th grade students created a helpful organization called WEB: "Where Everybody Belongs." The kids in the WEB group help the 6th grades get through their day. They help them if there locker is stuck or if they can't find their classroom. They WEB leaders also come to 6th grade advisory classes every couple weeks and talk about different themes about the school and the world. I really like this organization because it shows the 6th graders that the 8th graders aren't mean and scary. It is a good way for people to get to know each other and I can't wait to be an 8th grader so I can help a 6th graders too.

In the World

This theme applies around the world because there is an organization called the Give Back Films and they give money/tips to those that need it or did something to deserve it. Some things they did was that they gave $500 to a hotel cleaner, $100 to homeless people, $10 K for the cure of cancer, and many more. I think this is a good way for people to get what they deserve. Sometimes hotel cleaners or waitresses don't get tips or money a lot so it is a good organization for appreciating what you have.

Discovery Middle School

You can tell that the theme of DMS is that they are kind to those around them. You can also tell that this theme does not only apply in DMS but around the world too.


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