Remembering What you study!!

Studying efficiently!

The top ways to improve your memory while studying:

- Limiting distractions

- Regular study sessions

- Organization and Structure

- Mnemonic devices

- Rehearsing

- Visualization

- Relating

- teaching

These things are all proven to work!

Do you feel like you study and study various information and it's just not sticking? Can you not remember the stuff you spent hours studying on the day of the big test? You are not alone!! Many teens have the same problem

Guaranteed to Help!

Here are some full proof studying tips for remembering it

Be sure to try it!

Limiting Distractions

It is proven that limiting distractions and focusing just on the content you are studying will help you remember it better. This means to put down the cell phone, turn off the T.V, and be sure to stop listening to those jams!

-Relating the information

For the things you are studying to really click and stay try to relate it to something in your life. The more you can relate to something, the easier it will be to remember it.


Ever wonder how teachers could remember everything they teach every year? Well, it has also be proven that teaching the thing you are trying to study will make it stick in your head. My chemistry teacher sometimes has students teach the class so it sticks.