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January 18, 2019

Flat Fork Creek Park

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Today's trip to Flat Fork Creek Park was a success. The students were able to compare, contrast, and make future predictions for the weather, wildlife, and subjects of their observational drawings at Flat Fork Creek Park. Thank you to the chaperones who weathered today's event. We are grateful to have had your support as we learned, explored, and played at Flat Fork Creek Park today.

Friendship Party

Friendship Party on February 14th:

The Friendship Parties this year will be held on Thursday, February 14th from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. Information regarding volunteers will be sent home from room parents on Tuesday, January 22.

Students will be participating in a Valentine Exchange with their classmates. We have 23 students in our classroom. Please note that students may NOT distribute Valentines that include food, candy, or balloons. For your convenience, below is our class list:

Leohna B.

Tristan B.

Travis C.

Maxwell C.

Jackson C.

Omar D.

Knox F.

Alondra G.

Evelyn G.

Aiden H.

Adelaide (Addie) K.

Niama M.

Vainqueur M.

Esha N.

Chima O. Jr.

Jake P.

Giselle R.

Abdalrahman (Abdal) S.

Noah S.

Damon T. Jr.

Tyler T.

Josue R.

Ian W.

If you have any specific questions, please email me.

Second Grade Study Trip

We are so excited to start this new year (semester) learning about our local community through the world of commerce. Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, February 6, 7, or 8, we are going to Castleton Square Mall to learn more about producers, consumers, goods, and services. Students will explore the world of retail by identifying whether stores provide goods and/or services, use cardinal directions on a map, and enjoy a meal at Buca Di Beppo®.

- February 6, 2019 -- Hesch, King, & Wallace

- February 7, 2019 – Dyer, Hamilton, & Sieman

- February 8, 2019 -- Bliell & Willis


***Study Trip permission forms were sent home on Wednesday of last week. Permission slips and funds were due today, Friday, January 18.*** (If you have not sent your permission slip, PLEASE SUBMIT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!)

A Message from Global Studies!

Global Studies Newsletter

*** Important information regarding Chinese Snack Tasting is included in this newsletter and your response is needed if you decide to opt-out.***

In the recent two weeks 1st to 4th grade students have been learning how to say some animals in Chinese. 2nd-4th grade students are doing a great job using the verbs “like” and “have” to form sentences like “I have cats”, “You don’t have dogs”, “I like horses”, and “You don’t like snake”. They also learned how to ask questions like “Do you like horses?” and “Don’t you like rabbits?” in Chinese. I am so impressed with how quickly they learn! 1st grade students had lots of fun learning about the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and coloring Happy New Year 2019, the Year of Pig.

During the week of February 11, 2019, students will be tasting a Chinese snack during their Global Studies class. Please see picture below for the nutrition information. If you do NOT wish your child to taste the snack, please fill out the Opt-Out form by following the link below and submit your response by February 1st, 2019. We will also send out paper permission slips home for certain students with allergy concerns. Thank you for your attention!


Mark your calendars for our TCE FAMILY STEAM NIGHT on Thursday,
January 31 from 5:30-7:00 pm. STEAM is an educational term to describe real-world opportunities for students to learn with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. At the TCE Family STEAM Night, TCE students and their family members of all ages are welcome to come and participate in a variety of unique, educational STEAM experiences. Participants will travel as a family (children with their adults) to share in the learning process! Pizza and water will be available in the cafeteria for families to purchase. We hope to see you there!
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Daily Snacks

Please consider sending a snack to school with your child each day. Our approved list (to keep all of our Cardinals safe - especially those living with food allergies) include:




Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Skinny Popcorn

We appreciate donations for our students that are without a snack, as well. Thank you for considering!

Background Checks & Anti-Bullying Video

All who desire to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, please contact the TCE office @ (317) 594-4310.

Mark Your Calendar!

January 18- Study Trip Permission Slips were Due Today to Castleton Mall

January 21- No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 31- STEAM Night

February 6- Global Day of Play

*Just a reminder that we have early dismissal every Monday so that our teachers can continue their learning.

Related Arts Schedule for Next Week!

Monday, January 21: No School- MLK Day

Tuesday, January 22: Day 2: Global Study

Wednesday, January 23: Day 3: Music

Thursday, January 24: Day 4: Art & Library

Friday, January 25: Day 1: P.E.

We are Learning


This week students read recreationally while students' guided reading levels were assessed. I am so happy to report that the collected data demonstrates the students' hard work. Guided reading levels should be completed by next Wednesday. We will then continue our non-fiction reading unit there after.


This week we added to our nonfiction books and started our unit on opinion/persuasive writing. To start our opinion/persuasive writing unit we took a pre-assessment, to see how much we already now about writing with the intent to share our opinion or persuade. Next week students will immerse themselves in persuasive letters and discuss the importance of persuasive writing.


We spent this week becoming acquainted with math stations. These math stations allowed us to practice multiple topics everyday this week. This week we spiraled the following topics: subtraction (number-line strategy), fraction writing, and adding up to 4 two-digits numbers at once.

Our primary topic of importance was using the number-line strategy to find the difference to two or three digit subtraction problems. In doing so, we were sure to use friendly numbers to subtract from our minuend (the larger number in a subtraction problem). Ask your child to demonstrate what she/he knows about using the number-line strategy to find the difference (the answer to a subtraction problem).

Word Work

This week students practiced their spelling words using various strategies. Students were also assessed over their spelling words today. Students were given a choice of how they wanted to format their assessment: Seesaw or paper & pencil. You can see their work (with feedback) on their paper, or seesaw profile.

Social Studies

Second grade will be studying economics over the coming weeks. We will deepen our understanding of goods vs. services, consumers vs. producers, needs vs. wants, and human, capital, and natural resources. We will culminate our study of economics with a study trip to Castleton Mall in February..