Union Park School Toro Times

May 20, 2021

Thank you, Toros!

We did it! Union Park's inaugural school year is definitely one for the history books! We began the year virtually in a school that was not quite furnished nor equipped with internet. When our students arrived on campus, they were met with fantastic new furniture and technology- not to mention their wonderful teachers in actual person! The Union Park Staff is so grateful that you trusted us with your amazing child(ren) even though most parents had not met our teachers outside of Zoom and had never set foot on campus. The joy our students (your children) brought to our campus was what we all needed.

No matter what was thrown our way, we persisted. Teachers were able to teach in person and virtually at the same time. Our students never missed a beat and worked SO HARD! In fact, our data is showing us that students who began the school year with us are right on track or above where we would expect them to be in a "normal" year!

We had so much fun this year establishing such a unique and positive culture at Union Park School with our staff, students, parents, and business partners. We have started so many Toro Traditions that we can not wait to build upon each year. The fun and laughter seen and heard around campus as well as the Toro family we have built so quickly fills us with tremendous pride!

Thank you for making our first ever school year spectacular. We are thankful for your support. We will hit the ground running on August 2, 2021 for year two!


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