TLES Community Newsletter

January 13, 2023

Principal's Message

Dear Eagles,

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Winter Break and that the first week back was a positive one. We were thrilled to see so many students participate in our Winter Break Reading Challenge which is evidence that students and families are working hard to ensure students make as much progress in Semester 2 as possible. Additionally, we hope that you invested some time looking over First Semester grades in Infinite Campus and celebrating student progress as well as establishing goals. Setting goals and measuring progress along the way are proven strategies to help boost achievement!

We are very happy that we saw a huge decrease in tardies this week compared to prior to Winter Break. When students attend they achieve and we appreciate your doing your part to ensure students arrive on time ready and prepared to learn.

Lastly, we ask that in the best interests of student safety and well-being you please follow our drop-off and pick-up procedures. You may have noticed that we have coned off the first row of parking in our lot. We did this so families use the designated loop for drop-off. However, now we have parents dropping students off in the back of the parking lot. If you wish to park in the lot please use lane 2 of the loop (the outside lane) then turn left into the parking lot, park, and walk your student to the crosswalk and across. Or, you will need to wait in the first lane line (lane closest to the curb) to drop off. Additionally, the loop near BASES is only intended for use by our special needs and BASES students who were given passes. If you do not have a pass, we ask that you please do not drop off or pick up in that area. If your student rides a bike or scooter to and from school please ensure they were a safety helmet.

Thank you as always for your support.

Have a wonderful 3-Day weekend.

Lani Russi

Principal, TLES

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Upcoming Events

1/16 - No School in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

2/9 - Talent Show

2/23 - Family Game Night

3/20-3/24 - Book Fair

3/23 - TLES Open House / Book Fair Night

4/14 - Louie Palooza

Friday Flag & Running Club Visitors

We would like to remind families that if you sign up to be a visitor for a specific event or location that you are required to stay at that location and exit campus immediately after. We do this for the safety of all students by ensuring nobody is allowed to wander campus without prior permission. Therefore, if you are attending Friday Flag we ask that you please stay in the lunch area. If you are attending Run Club we ask that you stay on or near the field. Thank you.
Going Green!

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Traffic Safety

At TLES safety is our first priority. With that in mind, we would like to ask once again that families please remember:

* Please reduce speed when driving near the school and particularly through the pick-up and drop-off loop.

* Please use the crosswalks. We still have parents darting through traffic oftentimes with their children in tow. This is extremely dangerous and does not model how we would want students to safely cross a street.

* Please obey traffic laws including not double parking. Just because the parking lot is full does not allow you to block others in. If you get to the lot after all spaces are filled you will need to get in line to drive through the loop or park on the street and walk to pick up students.

* Please ensure your car does not cross over into the crosswalk in the loop or the streets. Your bumper should meet the limit line, not cross it.

Families often ask us why our traffic seems so congested and the answer is that the school was built as a neighborhood school where most students would walk. However, since most of our families choose to drive students to school, we need to be patient and courteous and follow the safe and legal requirements to keep everyone safe.

Please note: The back two rows of the parking lot will be blocked off to prevent students from being dropped off and picked up in the parking lot. Students may only be picked up in the loop. If families need or want to park and walk to meet their students at the gate, you may pull through in lane 2 and then turn left into the lot.

TLES School Schedule

Gates open at 8:35 AM. Please do not drop children off prior to 8:35 AM as there will not be supervision for them unless enrolled in our BASES program.

Daily Schedule for Grades 1-5: M, T, Th, F 8:50 AM-3:15 PM

Wednesdays: ALL STUDENTS TK-5 attend 8:50 AM-12:55 PM

TK and Kinder Early Birds attend M, T, Th, F from 8:50 AM-12:55 PM

Wednesdays 8:50 AM-12:55 PM

TK and Kinder Late Birds attend M, T, Th, F from 10:25-2:30 PM

Wednesdays 8:50 AM-12:55 PM

**Please note start and end times are 5 minutes earlier this year than in years past.**

The first bell rings at 8:45 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:50. STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN CLASS IN THEIR SEATS BY 8:50. Please help us limit the tardies by leaving earlier and getting to school on time.

H.O.T.! (Here on Time) Incentive

In an effort to incentivize being here on time, classes with no tardies all week will be put in a drawing and the winning class will leave for lunch 5 minutes earlier every day the next week. Please help your students to prepare all of their things the night before (lunches, shoes, backpack, charged ipads, water bottle, et) and try to arrive when gates open at 8:35 AM.


Get and Stay Connected

We highly encourage you to sign up for our text reminders. They are helpful for everything from Modified and spirit day reminders, to important updates.

Please sign up to be in the group of your oldest child.


TK/Kinder: text @tleskinder to 81010

1st grade: text @tlesfirst to 81010

2nd grade: text @tlessecond to 81010

3rd grade: text @tlesthird to 81010

4th grade: text @tlesfourth to 81010

5th grade: text @tlesfifth to 81010

Running Club: text @tlesrun to 81010

Care Solace

TVUSD is in partnership with Care Solace to assist with accessing mental health and
substance abuse services. Please feel free to utilize this resource as
well. Contact the Care Concierge team 24/7 at 888-515-0595, email at, or visit our district's link:

*Please note that if there is an emergency, please call 911.