Remote Control

9th grade project

The History of the Remote control

typically used for communication to change an object's channel our voulume in a short amount of space. It wirelessly send radio signals to the electronic divice. The first remote control was made in 1898 by Nikola Telsa. He demonstrated his RC boat to the public and It worked.

What is a Remote Control?

A divice that sends radio signal to another object to change the channel or volume of the system from a controlled distance.

How many remotes controls are in the average house hold?

There is about ten remotes per house hold and that isn't just tv remotes that would be for your sound system, dvd player, and game systems.

How has the Remote Control change culture?

There isn't really a main place where the remote control has effected because when it came out lots of people wanted a tv with a remote control. It made it so people didn't have to watch the same program if they were to lazy to get up and search through the channels with the buttons on their tv. At commercials they could channel surf to find something they wanted with out getting up. They could turn the sound down if their family was going to bed. It made a thing people didn't want to do to something they didn't mind doing.


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