MHS Principal's Update

April 20, 2021

Progress at MHS

Our students and staff have been engaging in conversations about race and equity over the past week and a half. Many of those conversations have been difficult, but enlightening to those participating, and as we move toward the end of this school year and bridge into next, MHS staff will be collaborating with students to build better communication and instruction about this and other topics identified as essential to our school environment and healthy student social-emotional development.

Graduation Events


  • WHO: Limited in person event by invitation only for students receiving specific honors, plus their guests. Look for mailed invitation coming soon. Ceremony will be recorded, and recorded ceremony will include all departmental honor recipients.
  • RSVP: required for all invited seniors, including guests names.
  • WHAT: a formal ceremony identifying and celebrating the outstanding achievement of MHS top students
  • WHERE: Moline High School Bartlett Performing Arts Center
  • WHEN: Tuesday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m.


  • WHO: in person for all graduating seniors; ceremony will be live streamed
  • RSVP: required for all seniors planning to attend, plus the request for 2-6 guests only (better seats for fewer guests). Link to RSVP form will be emailed to all seniors and their families directly through Skyward emails. Please make sure your email address is correctly listed in Skyward.
  • WHAT: a formal ceremony to celebrate graduation from high school
  • WHERE: Taxslayer Center, Moline
  • WHEN: Sunday, May 30 at 7:00 p.m.


While it was our hope that MHS would be able to host a senior prom, the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases in Rock Island County and our schools, along with the inability to keep students socially distanced as required by the state of Illinois, we are unable to host a school-sponsored prom this year. Although the school cannot coordinate and supervise an event like this, it is my understanding that many local high schools have non-school groups organizing events independently.

National Honor Society Induction

For Juniors and Newly-Offered Seniors:

  • WHO: Current Juniors and those Seniors who have been offered NHS membership newly as a senior, plus 2 guests only; ceremony will be recorded
  • WHAT: Formal induction into the organization
  • WHERE: Bartlett Performing Arts Center
  • WHEN: Thursday, April 29 @ 7:00 pm (A-Kinney) and 8:00 pm (Knary-Z)
  • CEREMONY DETAILS: click here

For Seniors (who were offered membership as Juniors):

  • WHO: Current Seniors who actually became members of NHS as juniors, but were not offered a ceremony, plus 2 guests only; ceremony will be recorded
  • WHAT: Formal induction into the organization, as well as a farewell ceremony
  • WHERE: Bartlett Performing Arts Center
  • WHEN: Wednesday, April 28 @ 7:00 pm (A-Marshall) & 8:00 pm (Marzorati-Z)
  • CEREMONY DETAILS: click here

Interested in Vaccinating your 16-18 year old?

Rock Island County Health Department hosts weekly vaccine clinics at the Camden Center in Milan. Some of these clinics offer the Pfizer vaccine, which is approved for 16-17 year olds, and others offer the Moderna vaccine which is approved for 18 year olds and up. If you are interested in arranging a vaccination appointment for your student, please visit the Rock Island County Health Department website at or their facebook page. The most recent Pfizer vaccination clinic information is below.

The clinic for Thursday, April 22, 2021 will be PFIZER vaccine for dose #1 or dose#2:

Voucher Code: DSY5529VZVTR6WZQ

Link for appointments:

Contact Us!

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