Spotlight on Learning: DL Day 2016

Rutherford County Schools

Digital Learning in RCS

Digital Learning Day is a perfect opportunity for us to highlight all of the outstanding teaching and learning that is happening across our district, not just today but everyday. The following activities were submitted by schools and classroom teachers as examples of how teachers are integrating technology into the learning environment and the positive impact it is having on student learning .

Ms. Hensley 1st Grade

Students are using Classflow to engage students in the math lesson. This enables students to use their ipads to interact with materials provided in the flipchart in order to work out problems and then instantly share their work on the board with classmates.

Ms. Haire & Ms. Scruggs 4th Grade

Students are using Keynote to create presentations about Orville and Wilbur Wright and their contribution to North Carolina’s history.

Ms. Ferguson K-5 Media Center

Students are using different apps/programs to create a personal reflection about what Digital Literacy and Safety means to them after completing the iSafe program. Students will share their reflections with classmates and with the school. Kindergarten and 1st Grade will use ChatterPix, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade will use ShadowPuppetEDU. 4th and 5th Grade will use iMovie.

Ms. Kennedy K-5

Ms. Kennedy is using Boardmaker SD PRO Interactive whiteboard activities to allow students to communicate and make responses on the Promethean board. Students are also using I-Pad communication application to communicate and participate in academic activities.

Ms. Greene Kindergarten

Kindergarten Reading Group will be retelling the story Duck for President on Doodle Buddy with classroom iPads. The students will then share their retell with a partner.

Ms. Moore Music, K-4

Students will be using interactive games at to learn and demonstrate knowledge of musical pitch and rhythmic notation. This follows digital presentations of the 1st two Freddie the Frog books which introduce notation in a very accessible, child friendly way.

Ms. Lovelace 5th Grade

Students are reviewing latin root words for an upcoming quiz using kahoot.

Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Thompson, & Ms. VanDyke 2nd Grade

Students are using iPads and generated QR codes that links them to text on Big Universe that will allow them to answer questions involving character traits, sequencing, and biographies.

Kindergarten ELA Groups

Students will “SnapThe Hall” with their i-pads. Students will choose a sight word cards from the classroom, then go into the hall to explore and take a picture of the matching sight words.

Ms. Webb Grades K-2

Using interactive games at students learn and demonstrate letter sounds, digraphs, blends as well as basic sight words and read simple sentences. Students are able to practice sounds and blend the sounds together to make words and then create sentences.

Ms. Jones, Ms. Earley, Ms. Brown, Ms. Moneyham 1st Grade

For ELA, students are using QR codes to check CVC, CVCE and blending cards,

For Math, students are using Doodle Buddy to add 3 dice, and using Number Pieces App to explore place value related to place value.

For Phonics, students are using Magnet ABCs to review and practice previous phonics skills including CVC, CVCE words, blending, plurals etc. Partners will play Phonics bingo using iPads.

Ms. Metcalf 5th Grade

Students are playing Jeopardy on Macbooks as a review of Science skills covered.

Ms. Young 4th Grade ELA

Students have created slide shows after researching different animals. Students present these slide shows to other students in groups to teach then about their topic. Students also used I-pads for research on Natural Disasters and created Non-fiction books about these disasters. Students are also using Big Universe to read stories and nonfiction books related to classroom topics. They will answer questions about sequencing, characters, author’s purpose, and inferencing. They can then take AR tests on these books.