SSR Project

Isaiah Tala Period 3 English 1 Honors

The City of Ashes

By Cassandra Clare

Total Pages : 453

Date Finished : October 7, 2012

* Note - The song is an optional thing. I added it just to go along with the flyer. The song is meant to represent how now Clary is now the protector of her own mother instead of how it was before.

Bella Union

Fleet Foxes - Your Protector - BBC Maida Vale Session by Bella Union
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I believe that the genre of this book is an action/adventure novel with a little romance in there. There is plenty of action in these books and the book really keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is mainly because of all the fighting. The fighting parts of the book have really vivid descriptions and this really paints a picture in the reader's head. This gives the reader the sense of almost being present while the fight goes on. I believe that there is romance in this story because throughout the story two characters Jace and Clary face internal conflicts of mixed emotions for each other. All their emotions are further mixed together when they find out that they are in fact kin. Clary finding out earlier than Jace, but nevertheless this infiltrates their minds and does not allow them to think clearly. These genres I feel are best suited describe this novel.


Clary is the main character in The City of Ashes and her characterization greatly added to the story. The text describes her as being short, having long orange hair, green eyes and freckles. She usually says playfully rude things to the other characters in the story. This could imply that she has a very sarcastic attitude. She does things in a matter of luck and a necessity within her that drives her to accomplish things. This shows us that she is a person who won't give up no matter the cost. Usually she'll get by with a stroke of luck or assistance from her friends. Now that this is the second book in The Mortal Instruments series Clary's friends have already warmed up to her and like her for the most part. Before they didn't like her for specific reasons that were special to the situation. As the story progressed they began to like her, some faster than others, and some closer than others. Clary I believe is a dynamic character. She at first is just an ordinary person, or a mundane as referred to in the story, but by the end she has discovered a whole new side of her that she never knew lied within her. She learns to see things in a different light. She sees what lies beyond the ordinary person's own limited vision.


There are many minor conflicts and also one major conflict that should be addressed. In The City of Ashes the main conflict is Clary trying to find a way to save her mother who she has now found, but still can't pull out of her seemingly endless trance-like sleep. Throughout the story she is constantly seeking assistance from various people. People who once had any acquaintance with her mother. To find much of the information they desire Clary and her friends must face many trials and hardship along the way. The death and rebirth of friends, love, and a constant pursuit from the Inquisitor's imprisonment, These minor conflicts add a mixture of emotions for the reader. It really engrosses you from every little detail by making you want to find about more about a certain topic then changing it, and as a result building suspense. Eventually all these minor conflicts are dealt with. The major conflict is at resolved at the end, when a woman comes up to Clary and tells her that she knows how to wake up her mother. The story then becomes a cliffhanger and keeps you wondering what will happen next.


A possible theme of this novel could be that perseverance will lead to success. This is implied throughout the story in multiple instances. Clary never gives up on finding a way to cure her mother of her everlasting slumber. As a result of her perseverance she is rewarded with a possible answer to her dilemma. If she had given up at some point in the story she would not be able to find everything she needed to succeed on her quest. Even on her smaller trials she would not be able to find herself saving lives or doing as much as she did. She wouldn't have saved her best friend's twice, or even prove Jace's innocence, or save her own life. This all would not have been possinle without her own self perseverance.


A connection I can make between myself and this exceptional novel would be probably the love for our mothers that Clary and I share, I care about my mother a lot, and honestly I would do anything to make her life a little easier if I could. She has always been there to support me and care for me. If something like what happened to Clary were to happen to myself then well I would handle it the same way she did. I would not rest until I found way to help her in any way. There are many events and hardships I've gone through so much with my mother, and she knows everything about me. This has strengthened our bond even more than I could have ever thought possible. This makes me believe that I can connect to Clary's feelings as she goes through this.


I really enjoyed the book, and I was completely engrossed in the novel. I feel that Cassandra Clare did an amazing job of writing the sequel to The City of Bones. Usually sequels aren't as good as the first, but this book was really something spectacular and is just as great as The City of Bones. I enjoyed the way the author wrote. Her style and way of introducing a topic really fascinated me and kept me eyes glued on the book. I just couldn't tear my eyes from the book. i did not like the revelation at the end of them being siblings because that set an awkward mood for the rest of the book. I would probably change this if I could because to me personally it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I will recommend this book to everyone! This book is fantastic, and it should be read by everyone! I give this book five stars! I really do think that this book deserves this rating. It is such a fantastic novel.



I chose this title because it kind of gives you a hint about the main conflict of the story, which in this story is trying to worrk C;ary's mom from her slumber, I also chose this title because I like how Michael Grant (author of the Gone series) uses one word as a title, and yet it explains so much about the book. Thsi is why I chose the title Slumber as a new title.