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Cu Chi Tunnels - A Lesson in the History of the Vietnam War

The Cu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City are an unbelievable destination for war and history enthusiasts. During the Vietnam Battle it was the major battleground in between the UNITED STATE and Viet Cong.

In the heart of the jungle, 200km of holiday to vietnam were well concealed from American soldiers. Initially developed to safeguard the Vietnamese from French air strikes in the lat 1940's to 1950's, they were re-used throughout the 60's as a staging ground for attacks on American troops.

Surprisingly, the UNITED STATE knew that the tunnels were there, they merely might not find them or destroy them. They put everything they had into taking out the tunnels from dispersing agent orange and napalm to relentlessly dropping bombs, however the caverns continued to be in tact.

You may receive a first hand account from a previous Vietnamese soldier if you are fortunate. Guides will tell you stories of their time in the war and can give you info on intimate information of the battle that occurred in this jungle. You can find out a wonderful deal about history if you listen very carefully.

The Viet Cong made use of the jungle to their advantage. They could run through with ease, knowing their way around their own land and had numerous cavern entrances at the prepared to vanish into. They were hidden well with termite hillsides put atop, or with leaves scattered above. Guide dogs can not follow their aroma because they would spray chili pepper around the entrance puzzling the dogs and making them turn in the opposite instructions. They could securely disappear into the 200 km system and if followed, the American soldiers could not fit inside anyhow. The entrances were small and produced a small frame, for a big U.S. soldier, fitting in would be nearly impossible without blasting it.

They knew their passages well, unlike the American soldier. They would enter the tunnel preventing the booby traps put to incapacitate the adversary or get rid of. A number of different sorts of crude traps were laid in await the poor soldier that had to follow them in or the soldier that was sent out to explore upon a discovery.

There were other methods besides the passages that provided the Vietnamese an advantage versus the United States. Surprisingly, foot rot was a significant problem with UNITED STATE soldiers. The heat and humidity of the tropical rain forest triggered sores, rotting flesh and infection. When your major type of struggle is to stroll through the jungle this can be a major problem. Rather of putting on boots, the Vietcong put on rubber shoes made from tires. They are well built and resilient and you can see them for yourself. If you want to try them out, purchase a pair for a small charge.

It is impossible to envision how people managed to live in these passages for several years. The Vietnamese handled to create out a means of life nevertheless constructing kitchens, living locations and first help stations.

Your tour will take you to all the various sorts of living rooms and quarters. It is a comfy trip and the tunnel walls have actually even been blasted out to make it bigger and more comfy for vacationers. There are still some original entrances available to be discovered and you will have the chance to go into an original tunnel yourself and crawl for 150 meters experiencing exactly what it was like throughout the war.

Your guide will take you to an original entrance which is just a really small hole in the ground. It is an insane experience to crawl with these tiny tunnels and envision what it has to have been like for its occupants.

After you have actually completely discovered the caverns, you will also find out various other methods that the Vietnamese managed to beat America. They might track soldiers quickly in the jungle by making use of plants. You will see exactly how they prepared only during the foggy mornings to conceal their smoke and you will find out how farmers smuggled food to the Vietcong. It is a very interesting day.

Now that you have actually vietnam tours all that there is to understand about the Cu Chi Tunnels, you will be provided the opportunity to feel exactly what it was like. Believe it or not, you are given the possibility to fire and AK 47. Or can select your automatic weapon of choice and for the expense of $1 a round you can feel the power of these destructive weapons by firing them at the shooting variety finishing your Vietnam battle tour.

Checking out the Cu Chi Tunnels will absolutely provide you a feeling about exactly what life was like during the Vietnam War. It boggles the mind to think that these passages continued to be in tact through 2 major wars. One with the French and one with the Americans. They are certainly worth a visit if you are seeing Ho Chi Minh.

Guides will inform you stories of their time in the battle and can provide you details on intimate details of the war that took location in this jungle. They knew their passages well, unlike the American soldier. There are still some original entrances available to be discovered and you will have the chance to go into an initial passage yourself and crawl for 150 meters experiencing exactly what it was like during the war.

Checking out the Cu Chi Tunnels will definitely offer you a feeling as to what life was like during the Vietnam War. It is incredible to think that these tunnels continued to be in tact with two significant battles.