Enormous Egg



Nate found a huge egg he told his parents his dad was almost surprised as he was . He wanted to keep the egg till it hatched. He rolled the egg 3 or 4 times in the morning at 3:00.Then he found out that his dad was flipping the egg when he was asleep.

Chapter 2

Nate was tired of taking care of the egg. He said he was going to give it 5 weeks to hatch because of how big it was.He didn't have that much passion about the egg anymore.He went from rolling the egg 3 or4 times a day to 1 or 2 times a day.

Chapter 3

Nate was fishing one day and he saw a man with a white shirt and a white hat. He rowed his boat over to Nate to talk to him.Nate started talking about his egg and the man said he was a expert with eggs. So the man went to Nates house and he saw the egg he said if he told what he thought it was they would think he was crazy.

Chapter 4

The egg finally hatched. He said it looked like a lizard with three horns. He called Dr.Zeimer when the egg hatched. He also said when he first saw the egg it looked like a rat.He went inside the house and told his parents that the egg hatched.

Chapter 5

Dr.Zeimer showed up when they were staring at the creature inside the nest. When he showed up he was pretty excited to see what was in the egg he was wearing a red bathrobe and his pajamas. He said it was a dinosaur the Dinosaur is a Triceratops it is a plant eating dinosaur.

Chapter 6

He showed Joe the dinosaur Joe did not believe Nate had a dinosaur till Nate showed him the dinosaur.He said that is not a dinosaur that is a lizard and Nate went over to Dr. Ziemer and said that is a dinosaur isn't it Dr. Ziemer said it is a lizard a dinosaur is just a terrible lizard.

Chapter 7