6th Grade Technology

By: Isaiah grimm

Typing Web

* We walk in to technology and start off with 5 min of typing

* You need a specific goal for yourself at the end of the quarter to get a good grade

* You try not to look at your keyboard during your lesson


* The ITrailer is different than the Imovie because it has different layouts for your trailer

* You got to add an certain amount of pictures for your trailer

* We got to pick what ever we wanted for the presintationj

Haiku Deck

* There was a built in web so you could take the pictures from there

* There was many ways that you could make it the way you wanted

* You have to present in front of the whole class

Explain Everything

* We got to pick any math problem and explain about it

* Their different ways you could explain the problem

* You could use different tools to record

Career Locker

* Mrs. Vandenboogaard got to explain whats the website is about

* I got to find out my favorite career for my future

* You get to create a avatar for you personal self


* There was a grading system for how many codes you got done

* It had challenging puzzles that trained your mind

* There is mode where you can create your own code and have other people play