Desal In Debt

The Facts.

In 2007 the State Government decided to develop a Desalination plant on the east-coast of Victoria, near Wonthaggi. The plan for the Desal plant was approved by the federal government on March 20th and it will be completed in 2011. The plants water quality will be very high, almost the same standard as the Melbourne water catchment supplies. The plant uses the most energy efficient way of desalinating water and includes energy recovery. The $3 billion project will be run as a partnership with the Federal government and other parties that are willing to join in.

Benefits of the project.

The benifits of the desalination plant would include local people are filling many of the on-site construction jobs that have become available through AquaSure’s design and construction contractor. The construction phase is also providing a significant boost to the local economy through demand from a new workforce for housing, products from local suppliers and additional business for retailers and service providers. A $5 million pipeline will connect Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Cape Patterson to the desalination plant, securing the long-term water future of the region. And finally the arrangements enable pipeline workers to park at these venues and travel to work by bus, helping to minimise traffic and parking impacts on local areas.

Environmental concerns

It's too expensive, and that its high energy demands will severely hamper efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And if we are taking all of the salt out of the salt water, the species and growth in the ocean may die off as they can only live with a certain amount of salt and if the levels are raised the species will not be able to adapt. The organisms will not be able to cope with the added salt and therefore just damaging the rich wildlife.

How was this decided?

Ultimately this was decided through consultancys with many parties including the local community, envrionmental experts, the federal government and the Australian greens.