The Cotton Economy

Created by: Damian Mancilla

Some Facts about Cotton in the Civil War

  • The Cotton Gin was made by Eli Whitney In 1794.
  • Texans Shipped Cotton overland To Rio Grande, Matamoras, Mexico.
  • Cotton prices would increase rapidly because that was the only that people were able to grow.
  • Cotton was also used as a currency during the civil war.
  • South had most of the cotton because they had faster production due to slaves.
  • There was said that more then half of the money that was spend during those years was spent on cotton.
  • Tarriff/Taxes were really bad because the cotton wasn't able to ship over trains so the taxes would cost more
  • They would hire skilled generals to protect cotton because cotton could get the confederates new weapons because it was that important.
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The Cotton Gin was one of the biggest Reason of the Civil war and South Agriculture was based off of it.

Cotton Shipping Routes

Questions about the Cotton Economy

1. Why was cotton a reason of the civil war?

2. What did everyone use cotton for and why?

3. What effect did Cotton have on the U.S


1. Because if there was no need to make cotton there was no slaves and if no slates then no civil war

2. Cotton was used as currency and clothing because it was the only thing people were able to grow because things were scarce

3. If there was no cotton there was no civil war and Crüe civil war might be the biggest thing in history


This has taught me alot because i had no idea that Cotton had such an effect on the civil war. I feel a different way about the civil war now because of cotton. Without cotton who knows how this world would have turned out to be and with out Ekit Whitney making the cotton gin then this world would be nothing like it is today.