Presidents' Day

Jesus A. Rosado

When Is It Celebrated?

Presidents' Day is celebrated the third Monday of every February.

When did my holiday start?

Washington’s birthday was first celebrated as a holiday in 1880 in the District of Columbia. It was originally made a federal holiday in 1885. The holiday was originally held on the anniversary of George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd. In 1971, this holiday was moved to the third Monday of February.

Why did it become a holiday?

To honor George Washington for being the first president and serving the country by being in the military. To also honor every single United States president.

What do people usually do on this date?

Honor the life and hard work of the first president, George Washington. Also remember the fascinating history of the American presidency.

What are symbols that represent this holiday?

What makes your holiday different than other holidays?

It has two names: Washington’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day.

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