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Realistic Outstanding Achievement Results Week 28

Change in Schedules for Interventions!

Some grade levels are affected!

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Test Anxiety

It's typical for anyone to feel a little nervous or stressed before a test. Test anxiety can actually be a good thing in certain amounts. Some stress motivates us and enhances our performance, otherwise we wouldn't try. But too much stress can have a negative effect and interfere with our performance.

I think it's important to address this topic with students to normalize their feelings. With our first round of STAAR testing next week, I've decided to meet with classes to talk about how they're doing. Ms. Niehus, our counselor will first have them complete a quick 6-question questionnaire about how they feel before a test. If they answered "yes" to two or more of the questions, it alerted them that they might have some test anxiety. Ms. Niehus or the teacher can explain the positives of having some test anxiety, called eustress. Eustress motivates us and can help us perform better on tests. However, if we have too much stress before a test, it's called distress. Our body can be dramatically affected by this and it can have a detrimental affect on our test performance.

On the other side of their questionnaire we will include some ideas of things you can do when you feel anxious. You could be doing a deep breathing exercise together in class one day this week. Ask students to get in a comfortable position in their chairs, sitting up or laying their head down, and close their eyes. The teacher can then read aloud a relaxation script that takes students through deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and a scenario of them floating on a cloud. The room will be so quiet you can hear a pin drop!

When they come back into awareness, each student will receive a special token with tips for being prepared for STAAR testing.

Do Your Best on the Test

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