Sunday Snapshot

Week of October 22 - 26


Nothing speaks to family engagement like the Grange Hall PTA Fall Carnival! What a fun-filled night with family & friends. Thank you to our PTA for sponsoring this event, all of our volunteers, the many donations, and to those that attended. It truly was an amazing night for our school community!

Dates to Remember

October 22 - 26 - Beautification Week

October 26 - 1st grade field trip (Lovisa & Lucas)

October 29 - CCPS is hosting a Literacy Fair on Monday, October 29 from 5:45 - 8:15 p.m. at the Chesterfield Technical Center at Hull Street (13900 Hull Street Road). Please go to the following link to see more detailed information and to register for the event: Link to Literacy Fair Invitation

October 31 - College T-shirt Day

November 5 - Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

November 6 - Student Holiday/Parent & Teacher Conference Day

November 9 - 1st grade field trip (Drahms, Hamerman, & Sahms)

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Participating is easy! A drawing, a short story, a photograph, etc. are all creative and easy ways to enter!
* Student entry forms AND entry guidelines are available in the GHES LIBRARY - no need to download or print anything!
* All entry forms have an Artistic Statement portion. Your child can explain what inspired them!
* Independent judges from JTCC will review all GHES submissions.
* Your child WILL be recognized by GHES for their entry! All participants will receive awards!
* Categories are Literature, Visual Art (2D and 3D) Choreography, Photography, Music Composition and Film Production
* ALL entries should be turned into the GHES LIBRARY.
* Take a minute to watch this video about Reflections!
* GHES has a goal of TWO participants per class! We have many creative kids and I know we can meet that goal!


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