Variety Show Acts

More information will come home with students on Monday!

Variety Show Acts and Emcees

Variety Show dates:

Dress Rehearsal 3/14 at 4:00-5:30, Parent Show 3/15 at 6:00pm,

and School Show 3/16 at 2:00pm.

Instrumental-Braden Monte

Dance- Isabella Crossley

Gymnastics-Bristol Hardin

Instrumental-Colton Willis and Kiera Willis

Poetry-Isabella Wray

Comedy-Patrick Neighbors

Vocal-Olive Neighbors

Instrumental- Barrett Lawless

Instrumental-Josie Lawless

Dance-Alivia Neir

Dance-Alexis Millward, Knox Spencer, Alaina Abrero, Addie Burzinski, and Kylie Horton

Vocal- Ava Reed

Vocal-Mya Brady, Kaelee Everhart, and Hayden Howell

Instrumental/Vocal- Ashley Farmer and Sarah Ference

Gymnastics- McKenna Caton

Instrumental- Ashley Farmer

Dance- Loren Adamczyk, Emma Stafford, Addie Cooley

Instrumental/Vocal- Sarah Ference

Dance- Brooke Crotts, Lisette Cantrell, and Julia Washburn

Instrumental- Myah Frashier

Magic- Adrianna Yeager and Sara Stirling

Instrumental- Bradley Davis

Dance- Myah Frashier, Lauren Kelley, Sedona Miles, Abby Fry, Jacky Siegmeir, Charleston Selley, and Zyza Cooley

Vocal- Mya Morgan, Anna Meintrup, Edah Butcher, Maddy Lane, and Mackensi Branter

Comedy- Evan Bowlin

Dance-Luke Williams, Tye Frashier, Jake Bearman, Logan Houchen, and Henry Cole

Dance- Addie Lang, Josie Fields, and Jaden Shilt

Vocal/Instrumental- Edah Butcher

6th Grade Emcees- Will Bisbee, Zyza Cooley, Myah Frashier, and Reagan Watson