Housing in Tiong Bahru

By Semelle,Kayleen,Shaidy & Tristan

Tiong Bahru in the past

The housing in Tiong bahru in the past was much more simpler and the residents felt a strong sense of belonging there. Many of the residents liked Tiong Bahru because of its bustling market and hawker center that had affordable,delicious food.

Tiong bahru in the present

The housing in Tiong Bahru now is much more modern but still has a hint of its past. Not only housing but even shops. A resident who had lived in Tiong Bahru for 40 years said that the aisle of shops had used to be residential estates. There are additions of cafes, bookshops which are enjoyed more by the youngstears, according to another resident. It has been said that the price of food in the hawker center has been increasing too.
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Tiong Bahru in the future

i think Tiong Bahru will definitely become more sheek in the future, according to a resident. Also, prices will increase and the housing will appeal to many young couples.
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