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Begning the clarinet

At the beginning of the school year, I decided I wanted to be in band. I either wanted to play the saxophone or clarinet. Finally I tried out for both. I decided to play clarinet, and I'm glad I did.

Getting my instrument

A week later, after paying and talking to the instrument shop. I received my clarinet, and deciding weather to call it Claire, or Chrisitpher. I finally decided to call her Claire. Because for now, that will be my baby. We stared to practice how to tongue out notes and put them together before playing notes, and songs.

First chair

We had our first chair test. Then our second, and so on. I've received first chair every time. I'm called "the over achiever" because I'm 9 notes ahead of everyone. And playing more advanced songs than the rest. I'm cool with at, I like going ahead and being prepared for our next chair test.
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