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Arsenal Trigger Sprayer and Eco Wash - Car Wash

Arsenal Product ( motto signifies our corporate philosophy and belief for every individual. Our specially formulated products are designed to dominate any situation, withstanding the most extreme conditions. Consequently we believe every individual was designed for greatness and has the ability to overcome life's setbacks and struggles.

Arsenal is bought to you by the team of entreprenuers at Superior Car Care, an innovative detailing shop in Seattle Washington. Product development had been in the works since day one as we have actively been testing various formulas in our shops. This rigorous process has resulted in top-shelf products we are proud to stand by as this further exemplifies our continual commitement towards excellence in car care.

Eco Wash - Car Wash

Don't Wait, Dominate.
Carnauba Infused Spray Car Wash - Water Conserving Eco Wash - High Gloss - Slick Quick Detailer

Waterless Wash + Wax
Don’t wait until your car is filthy to visit the car wash! Waiting may damage your paint resulting in water spots or clear coat damage. Our high-tech spray car wash was formulated to emulsify dirt allowing for easy removal. This waterless car wash system not only cleans but provides a car wax finish in order to help protect your paint. Our Carnauba infused spray car wash will make repeat eco-washes easier as it leaves your vehicle's surface slick. Actually this is our favorite attribute, since Eco Wash reduces static build up on your car's surface meaning dust will easily glide off. Some call it a miracle mist, others call it brilliant, we call it essential.

- shake well to activiate solution
- evenly mist Eco Wash on any surface; paint, glass, metal…etc
- gently wipe dry with clean microfiber towel, buff to shine
- work by section, overlapping to cover entire car
- change towel when necessary to ensure it is clean and free of dirt
- extra dirty cars will require

We recommend using Eco Wash 2x’s a week to keep your car glowing
For easy access keep a towel and bottle of Eco Wash in your trunk
*We recommend microfiber towels that are 70% polyester and 30% Polyamide with 500 gsm (micro fibers per square inch)
**If you Eco Wash your vehicle consistently, you may not have to visit the car wash every again, unless after long road trips
***If your vehicle is very dirty be sure to apply Eco Wash generously, while wiping dry with a clean micro fiber cloth, you may need to do mulitiple passes on each pane

Arsenal Trigger Sprayer

Apply with Power.
Durable - Acid Resistant - Even Spray Nozzle

Work Smarter, not Harder.
We want to give you the best quality detailng supplies. With this trigger sprayer you will notice a big difference with it's powerful, extra large spray pattern. This high out put trigger makes detaliing quicker and more enjoyable. It's internal spray mechanism is so stonrg that it is even acid resistant. Fits most 16 & 32oz bottle tops.


- acid resistant plastic
- 28mm thread finish
- 9 1/4" dip tube length
- black & gold color

igh output and an extra large spray pattern make quick work of any job. Up to 40% greater output per stroke significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger. Black and gold color. 9-1/4" dip tube length. Output is 1.4mL. 28/400 thread finish.

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We are committed to deliver Superior Car Care, supplying the modern consumer with exceptional products.Our goal is to contemporize car care by developing a luxury brand reflecting the lifestyle & values of our customers. We are passionate about innovation and seek to provide an arsenal of car care products.