Peek at the Week

Week of 2/7/16


This Week:

2/8 Staff meeting: Focus on SEL and RJ lead by Coach C.

2/9- ILT Meeting, 3-4:30pm

2/10- PE PD lead by Ms. Sanchez

2/10 Personel Committee Meeting (Anderson, Fowlkes, Takimoto, Toller, Morgan) 3-4pm

2/12- Anti Bullying Day (To be discussed on 2/8)

2/12- 2pm Glenview PEC Team Meeting (Toller, Ghazi, Deane, Zika, Leung, Bowers)

2/12- Black History Month Community Celebration, 5:30pm

February Coming Up!

2/15 No SCHOOL

2/17 Reading PD Begins- Be ready to give feedback to your Observation Partner about their Reader's Workshop!

2/19 Book Faire Starts

2/23- SST Day- Please fill out SST paperwork for any students you are concerned about

2/26 Report Cards due to Chelsea for editing

2/26- Day of Literacy Read-In


3/11/16- Send Report Cards Home with Students


May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

2016 Assemblies

3/3, Bay Area Children's Theater Performance of Aladdin

3/4 Disability Awareness Assembly and Read-In

3/11 Stop Waste Assembly- cancelled due to shortened day, new date coming soon!

3/17 Willy Wonka School Performance Assembly

4/29 Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

5/10 EarthCapades (Environmental and Science Assembly) K-2: 12:45- 1:30, Grades 3-5: 1:50-2:35

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics


These books provide a detailed model; they aren’t to meant as a script.

The end goal is not the teacher that we have described here, but the teaching that you, your colleagues invent together...

-Lucy Calkins referring to the Reading and Writing Units

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Monday Staff Meeting


1) February Anti-Bullying Month Activities

- Buddy Class Activities

- Wall of Kindness

2) SEL Practices: Restorative Justice

- Overview of RJ Structures and Routines

- Reflection on Practices, Visioning, "What Would Glenview look like if we were truly an RJ School all the time?"

- Goal setting

3) Next Steps

Wednesday PD- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

Ms. Sanchez will be giving us lots of suggestions to liven up our PE and we will be out experiencing activities to meet PE standards in order make sure we meet our 200 minute goals for PE!

Wear tennies and comfortable clothes so you can Move it with Ms. Sanchez!!!

Also, please bring your Chromebook so you can fill out the Cal200 PE form online!

TGDS Peer Observation Reminder

- Make sure you are ready to support your peer by having your observation tool, Domain 3 and you are note taking ready

- We will not debrief the peer observation until 2/17 so it is essential you take notes while observing so you can provide concrete feedback.

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Supervision Reminder

Please be on time for your supervision before, during and after school. Supervision keeps our kids safe and decreases conflict.

Faculty Council- Concerns & Suggestions

Faculty Council - February 2, 2016

Submitted by: Eric Ross (1/19)

Concern: SMI was inappropriate. This was unaligned with Common Core, questions were not related to what we have been teaching. Are we starting to do “IQ” testing?

Solution Suggested: None given.

FC Next Step: Chelsea is contacting Brett Tankersley about getting more support/PD around interpreting SMI results, and how to frame results with students and families. This is a new test so we are all learning how to understand what and how it tests and how it informs our instruction.


Submitted by: Mr. Granda (1/25)

Compliment: The new custodian, Ms. Renata, is absolutely wonderful. She vacuums the rug daily. She also sweeps under the tables.

Santa Fe- Questions & Concerns

Thank you to those of you who submitted questions and concerns on the google form re: Santa Fe. I will be checking these and answering them periodically in the Peek of the Week.

Feel free to add more questions and concerns as we head in to this new adventure:

Current Questions and Answers as of 2/7/16

1) There is one big yard. should we have designated area for upper grades and lower grades?

In the next few months, we will create a list of operational needs including a new lunch schedule, new line up plans, new play area assignments, new plan for entering/exiting the building etc. etc. Then we will work together to come up with our Santa Fe procedures. This will definitely need to be on the "operations list".

2) When will I be allowed to set up my classroom?

Emeryville High will be leaving Santa Fe in May, then the building will need to be cleaned and fixed up. You should anticipate setting up your classroom in August.

3) Do we need to bring the screens for our projectors?

I will have to find out if the screens that are currently there are going to be left or taken by Emeryville to their new site. I would suggest that you plan to bring your screen (better safe than sorry!) We will have district staff who will come through and take them out for us and we will have a form that captures what you need taken off and removed in order to be moved as there may be other items in addition to your screen that are installed into the wall or ceiling.

4) To preserve the murals and other art installations, could we commission Eric Londgren to photograph them, then have large prints on display at Santa Fe and the new Glenview?

Great idea, there is no additional money in the school budget or the construction budget for this, but I will refer this to PTA. The art that we can move, we will be taking with us to Santa Fe and then back to the new Glenview. The only art that will be too hard to move will be the murals outside on the portables.

Found it!

Ms. Smith: February 8-12

Mr. Litt: February 16-19


Pick up clothes in lower and upper yards and hang in the auditorium

Put all "little stuff" (lunches, books, headbands, scarves, hats) in the box next to the rack in the auditorium

Extra - zip/button up sweaters and jackets

More Extra - arrange by size (great for those looking for a "small jacket")

Even More Extra - create a "Labeled" tag(s) that demarks a sectNion on the rack. If your team finds labeled clothes, they can hang them in the labeled area of the rack.

Moving Hearts

Big image

Black History Month continues.....all year!

Our Black History month assembly last Friday was a huge success! Remember you can teach the impact of African Americans throughout the year through literature, social studies, science, technology, math and more.... Ms. Lewis has brought in the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland to her art classes where students are learning history, math, and art all at once with the support of elders from our community. Read more about the guild in this New York Times article that came out last week.

Readathon Is Coming Up- Think of a Wacky Incentive to Motivate your Kids to Read Every day!

Will Ms. Smith do the Ice Bucket challenge again this year?

Will Mr. Miller shave his hair again?

Will Mr. Ross dust off his tuxedo and wear it to school again?

Will Ms. Toller eat a bug or kiss a monitor lizard again?

What will you do to get your kids to read every day during the Readathon????

When teachers incentivize reading, the readathon is even more fun, we make more money and most importantly, students are more likely to read! Be creative!

California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) for ALL Staff

All Staff (including aides and Special Education staff and clerical staff, please take this survey-

Teachers- If you came to the Staff Prof. Development on Friday, 1/29, we completed the survey there and you are done!