Ethical Research Infograph

By:Zoe Seaton

How to gather relevent from print(hard copy) or digital source

When you are trying to gather relevant information think about what you can access at the moment hard copy or digital sources. If you have a hard copy then make sure to look for the author, a date, or citation. If you have access to a digital source then makes sure the site that you visit is credible by looking at the copy right date and when it was last updated.

How to use search terms (keywords) effectively in finding information

To use search terms/keywords effectively to find information make sure the keywords are specific for example, if you find different things about football or baseball and you are trying to find the animal or person then make sure you be specific about you want a person/animal with no football/baseball.

How to decide whether a website or resource is credible and accurate

When you are trying to decide if the resource in credible and accurate then make sure you find the copyright date at the bottom of the page if you do not find one then it is most likely not a credible site, make sure you look at the address for the website if you find .org, .edu, .gov then the website is most likely credible if you don't find a copyright date.also look below at the steps.
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the statue of liberty history

this is the website that i used to find the pictures around it

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The difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

The different between the following objects:

quoting- exact words of author in (")

paraphrasing- writing in your own words and thoughts.

summarizing- must cite even if summarizing work in own words.

What plagiarism is and how to avoid it

plagiarism is taking someone else's work and calling it your own, you can avoid it by putting quotes around the words taken directly from the text, but dont use too many, or you can paraphrase the text and add citations in your work.

What MLA citation is

MLA citation means getting the link and putting it in to your work like for instance i have to be getting this information from somewhere so if you look at the pictures above there is a link in between them that is because they are from the exact same place.