MTSS at North Mason School District

Time for an update!

How do we define Multi-Tiered Systems of Support?

"MTSS is a process, not a program"

MTSS is a process for efficiently integrating instruction and supports that address students' academic achievement, behavior, and social-emotional learning (SEL).

Three key components of MTSS:

What structures are we building first?

The focus this year is to put structures in place that will ensure sustainability

  • Shared Leadership Teams (District, School, and Advanced Tier 2-3 Team)

  • Selection of a problem solving model for decision making and training each team in how to use it efficiently

  • Administration of a screener for Behavior/Social-Emotional Learning (SAEBRS)

  • School teams are documenting Tier 1 practices (called an MTSS Blueprint) for behavior and social-emotional learning and will be gathering staff input and commitment for implementation in 2019-2020

  • Advanced Tier 2-3 Teams are creating an "Intervention Grid", which is a list of interventions that are available to students and will identify assessment tools for entry and exit criteria, as well as progress monitoring systems

What will MTSS look like when fully implemented?

The key is that each School MTSS Team (with input and commitment from school staff) will determine the Tier 1 practices of teaching academics, behavior and SEL. It is a Whole School effort to set up a school environment that is predictable and consistent.

The graphic below shows the ongoing cycle of identifying how our students are responding to the layered supports:

Big picture

Communication and Visibility

Throughout the year, you will receive updates on progress via newsletters as well as district and school team share-outs. Your input is an important part of this system and will be gathered in various ways from each team.

How can YOU support the efforts of building our system?

  • Communicate with your school's MTSS team - ask questions and share your ideas!
  • Have an open mind.
  • Offer ideas! Are you finding success with a teaching strategy for behavior or an SEL practice that students are responding to?
  • Email me at
  • Send a picture, or invite me to stop by and see the work you are doing. I'd love to visit and hear your input

Looking for more information?

Effective Tier 1 Classroom Practices for Behavior/SEL:

What does MTSS look like in other schools? (be mindful the teams and structures may have different names or acronyms in other schools):

National Center on Intensive Intervention:

Secondary: Integrating SEL and Literacy (video)

Elementary: Academic Success for All - A Multi-Tiered Approach (video)

District MTSS Team Members

Telia Ford - NMEA Elementary Rep

TBD - NMEA Secondary Rep

Sandy Balant - PSE Elementary Rep

Karen Thomas - PSE Secondary Rep

Rebecca Roberts - Counselor Rep

Dan King - Belfair Elementary Admin

Amber Nygard - Sand Hill Elementary Admin

Luke Grunberg - Hawkins Admin

Steve Hackett - NMHS Dean of Students

Jack Smither - NMHS Admin

Anne Crosby - JTHS Admin

Lisa Roberts - Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Thom Worlund - Director of Special Services

Beth Bourque - MTSS Administrator

Dana Rosenbach - Superintendent