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Sam Holz: Keeping Dogs Calm At The Vets

When you take your dog to the vet it is only natural that they become a little bit anxious. After all, as Sam Holz is quick to point out, you are taking them outside of their comfort zone and introducing them to an unfamiliar place that also contains a number of other animals. As such, it can be a little difficult to keep your dog calm, both while waiting and during your appointment. Here are a few tips that may be able to help you.


Teaching your dog basic obedience, such as being able to sit and stay on command, in their day-to-day life can help once you are at the vets. While there is no guarantee that they will listen to you when they become anxious, you have a much better chance of being able to keep them calm and by your side if they already understand the basic commands and how to comply with them.

Pay Attention

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by other people or animals in the room. Remember that dogs do require plenty of attention, and they well come to you for comfort when they feel nervous. Pay attention, don’t shout and do what you can to keep the dog by your side and distracted.


As silly as it may sound, much of the nervousness a dog will experience when being examined comes from somebody doing unfamiliar things with them. Just the action of inspecting their teeth or lifting their ears can cause a dog to become anxious. As their owner, try to simulate these basic things at home. Of course, Sam Holz doesn’t recommend that you carry out your own examinations on them, but try to get your dog use to some of the basic actions that the vet will carry out on them.