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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 8

Fall Activities - We've G'Autumn!

The first day of fall was this past Wednesday, Sept. 22nd! Boost science engagement with fall themed experiments.

Discovery Education

We are blessed to have so many digital resources within our school system. Sometimes it's tough to sift through all the tools and resources. Discovery Education is one resource that is often overlooked. Teachers and students can access Discovery Ed using their district login. Teachers can create classes to organize and assign content for students. It has some fabulous content for Math, ELA, Science and SS. A variety of media types such as ebooks, video segments, boards, reading passages, etc are available. The reading passages provide great text for science standards! The passages have a read aloud feature and are broken down by Lexile levels. In your spare time (wink, wink) watch the recorded webinar by Dr. Kelly Price for an overview of Discovery Education.

Shake it Off!

I love this activity by Elizabeth Hall and Kickin' it in Kindergarten. Like Elizabeth, I love incorporating music into my lessons and I usually have some kind of tune stuck in my head. In this activity, students use Taylor Swift's Shake it Off for comparing numbers. In the video, the students "shake off" the lesser number, but I bet all grades could find a way to tweak it and "shake it off". For example, 4th graders could shake off a number that isn't a factor of another number. I apologize in advance, because this song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day!
Shake it Off Kindergarten Lesson
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