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Wednesday Wellness | October 14, 2015

In This Installment of Wednesday Wellness:

  1. Live in Shape
  2. 7 Mindset Shifts to Help Lose Weight |
  3. Know Diet Nutrition Workshop, Tuesday October 20th | Live Without Pain and Inflammation
  4. Total Body Kettlebell HIIT Workout |
  5. Exercises with the Family | Visual Architecture
  6. 7 Wellness Ingredients to Work on Daily | Harvard Health
  7. Service of the Week | Rossiter Stretch Therapy
  8. Wednesday's Last Word

Live in Shape

At some point, we have all told ourselves, "Alright, it's time to get in shape!" Another common phrase is, "I want to be in shape". Let's talk about the idea and life practice of "living in shape."

1). Identify what shape means to you. You begin with accepting the shape that you are in. Enter the classic joke, "round is a shape". But beyond the pun, really accept the shape that you are in. Don't think of shape as an “appearance” or figure, but more "configuration" and "formation". How are you configuring your shape? What types of formations are you practicing? Formation implies current action. Recognize the need for holistic shape, internally & externally. Be aware of your current shape and then gain a concrete vision of the shape you would like to be in. Being "in shape" can mean different things to different people. For some, it means a certain body fat %, for others it means being in the gym a certain number of hours every week. It could also mean eating clean 80% of the time, having more income, staying positive, healthy relationships, or a hybrid of these ideas and more. What does “in shape” mean for you?

2). Make a plan to begin changing shape. You can do it. We can help. Make it personal. Treat your body as it deserves. Do your best to keep it cleansed, to feed it the right nutrients, keep it in the right shape (internal more than external), allow it to rest, know it's numbers (biometrics), keep your spirit shining and your mind stable! Now that’s being in great shape!

I know it's Oktoberfest, but let’s not give a Schlackenhoogen when it comes to making excuses. We are blessed to live in a land of abundance, and there is no reason for malnutrition. We have education, facilities and support all around us.

It starts today. Small changes are just as important as the big ones. As a matter of fact, no big change in shape can occur without the small changes.

3). Enjoy the journey not the destination: Forgo societal pressure of looking or behaving a certain way. You have to define what your "shape" is. Tell yourself you are in fact, in shape. Why? Because you must begin with where you are, and you must be ok with where you are. "OK" not in terms of being completely satisfied with your current state to the point there is zero motivation to improve; but "OK" in the full awareness & acceptance (and likability) of your person. Plenty of research suggests your likelihood of establishing lasting positive change will flourish if you begin liking yourself, rather than having a negative self-defeating self-image. It's a state of mind, it's mental conditioning. Free yourself to be able to make improvements. Begin to really own your own happiness. Now. Let’s learn to enjoy our journey. Fulfillment and strength is not completely at its pinnacle at the destination point. The real enduring character is built during the process. Even though it’s tough, the real moments of vibrance will shine through it all.

“In shape” should not refer to a certain physical look, rather it encompasses consistent awareness and conditioning.

4). Accept some social responsibility. To really share influence, we must think beyond ourselves. Realize that our choices are larger than ourselves. Meaning that every choice we make for health and well-being not only improve our quality of life, but also influences the culture at large.

As the saying goes, “If you stay ready, you will never have to get ready.”

Start living in shape now!

Know Diet Nutrition Workshop, Tuesday October 20th

Topic: Live Without Pain and Inflammation

Discussion: What is inflammation? What is the primary cause of inflammation in our bodies? Which foods are anti-inflammatory? Which super foods can you add to your daily diet to prevent inflammation? Six tips to help your body crave super foods. How does stress effect inflammation in my body? Stress busters.

Bring your lunch and make plans to attend! 12pm-1pm, Conference Room 1C.

7 Wellness Ingredients to Work on Daily from Harvard Health

Being aware of these 7 wellness ingredients will create a mindfulness toward your action plan. Here they are:

Eat healthier * Stick to exercise * Diet effectively * Nip an unhealthy habit * Harness positive psychology * Control spending * Ease stress

Wednesday's Last Word

"No mountain is too tall. Some are just more steep than others."


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