MCDS Faculty and Staff 2015-2016

Academic Excellence, 21st Century Skills & Leadership

Montessori Country Day School Faculty And Staff

MCDS has an illustrious staff boasting of more than 100 years combined experience in teaching. From a diverse background of cultures and languages, our staff enhance students' experiences with their knowledge and experience gained from their local and global residencies. Several staff members can say they were a part of the Montessori Corner school community when children were being educated under one roof and our campus was part of an active farm; where the farmer tended to livestock and made breakfast in a griddle before heading out to tend to his fields.

Without a doubt, our teachers combine a commitment to the Montessori Education and Philosophy with their love of working with children to create an enriching environment where children thrive.

Montessori Country Day School Pre-Primary Program in Sunflower

Montessori Country Day School’s Educational programs begin in our Pre-Primary cottage, “Sunflower.” With highly qualified and veteran teachers, our youngest students are introduced to the traditional Montessori learning areas; Practical Life (coordination, self-care, and art), Sensorial, Math, Language & Library, Science, and Geography. Learning habits, independence, and social skills are cultivated in routines, everyday lessons and group experiences. Their development of emotional self-regulation, pro- social, and motor skills are stimulated. With exposure to language related lessons, songs, stories and conversation, literacy skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing grow. Enrichment classes such as, art, music, Spanish, and physical education are offered to our Sunflower students weekly.

In both our Pre-Primary and Primary classrooms, teachers plan individual lessons for each child and the units of study for the entire class.

Sunflower Teachers

Montessori Primary Programs in Ivy, Sage and Willow

After completing the Pre-Primary program, children enter our Primary cottage in either “Ivy”, “Sage” or "Willow" where their learning environments are larger, complete with a full set of Montessori materials that address the particular academic needs of 3-6 year olds. The Math, Language, Science, and Geography areas expand with an array of enticing learning equipment that allow children to work with concrete materials that are extended by abstract representations of concepts and reflective of their complex ideas and thinking. In this multi-aged classroom, children are learners and leaders in their own development and positively impact the growth and learning of their classmates. Students look forward to becoming Kindergarteners in their final year in our Primary program. Advanced work, “marble notebooks,” more exclusive enrichment classes, “Citizens of the World” Geography program, field trips, STEM sessions, and Reading Streets (Common Core aligned literacy program) are a few of the many features kindergarteners look forward to every year.

Ivy Teachers

Sage Teachers

Willow Teachers

Montessori Lower Elementary in Mulberry

Our Elementary cottage houses the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms. Each has the capacity to support the learning and development of 1st through 6th graders. Certified teachers, trained to use Montessori Pedagogy and materials at this level, work with individual students and in small group instruction to further students’ cognitive development and 21st century skill acquisition. Elementary materials and experiences are designed to lead children towards abstraction and build their abilities to arrange, classify, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information.

Teachers create Individualized Learning Plans for each child every week, children manage daily “workplans,” and both collaborate with parents to draft and act on short and long-term learning and development goals. In addition to STEM, Reading Streets, Ukulele and Leadership and Public Speaking programs, children work on public service projects, participate in advanced enrichment programs and hold positions on various committees that support the direction of the school programs and special events. They are our campus leaders!

Our goal is to continue to grow our elementary program. As the first MCDS elementary teacher, I am looking forward to the opportunity to open our upper elementary classroom. I would love to hear from you on how we can ensure your child is a part of the future 6th grade graduating class at Montessori Country Day School.

Mulberry Teachers

Enrichment Teachers

MCDS Administrators & Staff