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The Week of December 14

Important Events and Reminders for the Week if December 14

14-18 Dec 15--1st Semester Diagnostics Begin (See schedule below)


15 Dec 15--Panther Pass Redemption Opportunity

15 Dec 15--Wellness Screenings in Conference Room

15 Dec 15--School-wide Spelling Bee Competition in Library after diagnostics

15 Dec 15--Timecards must be approved by 3 PM

15 Dec 15--HMS Basketball vs Chelsea (Home)

17 Dec 15--HMS Basketball vs John Carroll (Home)

18 Dec 15--Faculty Breakfast in Lunchroom beginning at 7:30 AM

18 Dec 15--PTA Sponsored Teacher Luncheon in conference room

18 Dec 15--Timecards MUST be approved before you leave

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Message from the Principal

*As we get closer to the mid-year holidays, it is important to remember that no matter how "wired" the kids may be, we are still the adults and should act accordingly. Yelling at a student is never a constructive way to change behavior. Many of the students we currently serve experience this at home everyday and the only way they know to respond is to get just as loud. This does not help. As professional adults, we should model the behaviors we expect.

* Students currently assigned to the JCCLC will not be returning for the diagnostics. You will need to run a grade report from CompassLearning and enter their grades in INOW. The grades in CompassLearning are not weighted at the 75%/25% categories so you cannot simply take the overall grade from CompassLearning. You will need to enter the assessment average and the classwork average from CompassLearning in INOW to get an accurate grade for the students.

* Evidence for your PLP should be entered in a timely manner and not at the last moment. Please take steps to catch up if you are behind in entering your evidence so that we start the 2nd semester on target.

* All electronics in the classroom should be turned off before you leave next Friday (computers including monitors, printers, etc...).

* Turn off thermostats when you leave next Friday.

*All teachers are responsible for the information that we send out to you each week via email. "I forgot" or "I did not check my email" are not acceptable excuses.

*Make sure you are reviewing the duty roster each week. Morning duty begins at 7:20 not 7:30.

*All teachers should make sure they are detailing someone to wipe and sweep around their tables after their lunch time. Several tables have been singled out as having been exceptionally neglected.

* Teachers should not contact the help desk directly. If you have an issue with your computer or email, submit it to Ms. Wilson using the following link:

* If you have any students who are still having issues logging into school computers, there is a pink clipboard in the library for teachers to list the student’s information.

Christopher Anders

"By suspending judgment, by confining oneself to phenomena or objects as they appear, and by asserting nothing definite as to how they really are, one can escape the perplexities of life and attain an imperturbable peace of mind."--Pyrrho