Do you know the four main gymnastics topics for girls are the bars,the beam,the volt and the floor? Gymnastics includes many things but we are only going to talk about four.


Gymnast do amazing things on the bars. They jump bar to bar! Awesome right? Gymnast also do chin-up pull-overs on the bar. A chin-up pull-over is a pull-up then back flip while holding onto the bar. Gymnast use chalk to get a good grip on the bar. When gymnast do these things they need lots of strength and balance. On the bar before you do your thing you cast. Casting is when you push up on the bar and swing. Awesome right?


Next we are going to talk about the floor. Did you know that the floor is the easiest topic for most people? Floor is easiest because you do the same stuff just on different equipment but when you do floor you are just doing it on ground. Gymnast do back and front flips on the floor. For floor you use mats and the spring boards. The gymnastics gyms have a special kind of floor. It’s a spring board kind of floor. When you jump you bounce like a spring board. The gymnastics gym floors bounce you and help you get a bigger jump. Many tricks and activities are included in floor.


Beam is the hardest one of them all. Gymnast do amazing things on the beam. They flip they flip off the beam. They do back walk overs and cart wheels and more on the beam. A back walk over is a back bend kick over. A back bend is when you look at your hands and go down. A cart wheel is a hand stand turn. A hand stand is when you put your hands on the ground and kick your feet up. You need lots of balance to do it all.


The vault is in a horses back kind of shape. You need a spring board to do it. You jump onto the spring board do what your coach says on the volt and land it. Did you know that volt is the one you use most strength on? Gymnast flip and twist onto the volt. There is usually a mat nearby you so after you do what you are suppose to do you land on the mats platform.

With out a doubt bars,beam,volt,and floor are great skills to know in gymnastics. I wish I was in the gymnastics gym right now.

By: Sarah Brest