"Heroes Come And Go, but pack stay"

By: Shawn R. Taylor

Green Bay's Cheese

Did you know Green Bay's rival Chicago Bears have long taunted the Packers by calling them cheese heads? They call them this because Wisconsin has as much money worth of cheese as Eli Mannings two super bowl rings because Wisconsin has 89 cheese factories.

Mr.Lambeau's Miraculous Field

Did you know Lambeau Field has the most fans in the NFL (national football league)?It's really weird because Lambeau Field is located in the smallest city in the NFL. They live in Wisconsin. Which is located on the right arm of Lake Michigan. Lambeau Field is 366,000 square feet! With 2,922 comfortable seats, that have a big G on the seat. Lambeau field first opened in 1957 replacing the Wisconsin East High school. The Packers home field used to be called New City Stadium for the first eight seasons. It was renamed in August 1965 in memory of Curly Lambeau who died two months before the rename. Every Year Fire Works the size of Rockets zoom threw the sky in memory of Curly Lambeau. The stadiums address changed to 1265 Lombardi Avenue it was renamed in memory of former head coach Vince Lambardi. The stadium sits at a massive elevation of 640 feet off the ground . Lambeau field is the third largest stadium in the NFL.
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Thirteen Super Rings

Did you know Green Bay takes the lead in super bowl wins. With 13 super bowl to beat that it would be probably be as hard as herding cattle. Not only that but they are the only team to win 3 straight title wins in a row. In addition the Packers have won the first two Super Bowls the first super bowl was against Kansas City 35-10 Packers. The second super bowl agenst the Oakland Raiders it was 33-14 Packers.

Our gear is just darn great

From 1923-24 the packers wore lether helmets with plain gold jerseys with thin navy blue stripes on each sleeve. I guess that was there style. But it got a little better because 10 years later they came out with helmets that felt like rock,when you got hit. Plus they did nothing to help not feel any pain. But I bet that felt better than having lether helmets. Plus that was back then, right?
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