Leigha Miller's Christmas Wishlist

Leigha Miller

Number One: Mac Computer

For Christmas I would like a Mac Computer because it would be good for school and GoPro downloads since it only downloads on Apple Computers. A computer would also be useful for plane rides this summer because I do not want to just sit there being bored, which leads me to my next reason. This new computer will be useful prevention of boredom. There are many more reasons but I think that these sum it up!
Apple - Introducing The New MacBook Pro

Number Two: Camera

For Christmas I would also like a camera because of its uses. It is useful for high quality Instagram photos and it's useful for trips (Hawaii, Italy...exc.) This camera will be useful because it will not take up my storage on my phone. Lastly, it will be useful for capturing "that" special moment of a lifetime!

Number Three: Clothing And Boots

Lastly, for Christmas I would like boots because I do not have any like these. I would also like a very cute dress/top because it looks like it's from Free People. Finally, I would like a very cute cover up/dress for Italy because it looks like it was made there. There are a couple more but do not need an explanation.