EdCamp Crane

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From humble beginnings...

The EdCamp Crane was born in Grand Island, NE, during EdCamp Central Nebraska. He was picked up at the garage sale across the street from the high school as a gift for the person who traveled the farthest to the EdCamp. The idea is that whoever wins the EdCamp Crane gives it to the person who has travels the farthest at the next EdCamp they attend.

Where I've been

  • Found in Grand Island, NE, during EdCamp Central Nebraska, then moved to Emporia, KS.
  • Moved from Emporia to Dallas, TX (EdCamp Omaha)
  • Moved from Dallas to Alexandria, LA (EdCamp Houston)
  • Moved from Alexandria to North Carolina (EdCamp Fort Worth, TX)
  • From North Carolina to New Hampshire (EdCamp Baltimore)
  • Moved to Quebec (EdCamp Centrepoint)
  • Moved to Montreal (EdCamp Montreal)
  • Move to Pembroke, ON, Canada (EdCamp Ottawa)

Want to know more about Sandhill Cranes?

Did you know that crane's are the oldest birds on the planet?

The spring migration population of sandhill cranes in the Central Nebraska Flyway is estimated at 650,000.

Height - 3 to 4 feet

Wingspan -6 feet

Weight - 8 to 12 pounds

Color - Gray

Migration - 170 to 450 miles/day

Flight speed - 38 mph

Information taken from the Kearney (NE) Visitor's Bureau and the Rowe Sanctuary Crane Facts page.

The Cranes of Rowe Sanctuary