Mrs. Koerner's Class

News & Updates

Pajama/Uniform Free Day!

Don't forget that tomorrow, September 23rd is our first reward celebration! Our class has voted to have a pajama or uniform free day. Students may also bring a stuffed animal as long as it can fit in their backpack. I can't wait to see everyone in their pj's!

Coltrane-Webb's Fall Festival is October 10th!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our annual Fall Festival. Come enjoy games, inflatables, the silent auction, hot dogs, a Pumpkin Carving Contest, Science Experiments, Spirit Wear, Zougar the Cougar, and of course Pie in the Face! The Festival lasts from 11:00am-3:00pm. We hope to see you there!

Fall Festival Silent Auction Basket

Each classroom is responsible for making a basket that will be auctioned off at the Fall Festival. Our classroom theme is Family Movie Night. Any and all donations will be appreciated but some suggestions are popcorn, blankets, DVDs, and candy.

Donations will be accepted now through October 7th. This year the classroom with the highest auction bid will receive 50% of the auction bid to use in our own classroom!

What Are We Learning?


Students have finished our beginning of year assessments and we are just wrapping up our first unit of study. Beginning in October students will start "Getting to Know Our Characters."
By the end of this unit students will understand that…
* Characters may react different to events than how we think they might react.
* Characters feelings and traits may change throughout a story.
* Characters have a point of view.
* Readers use strategies to help them understand the story when the text is difficult.


We are also finishing up our first math unit this month. Students have been hard work with place value to 120 and now we are ready to use this knowledge to build our problem solving skills.
By the end of Unit 2 students will know:
* Addition can mean combine, join, and count on.
* Subtraction can mean take away, remove, count back, and compare.
* Word problems can have unknowns in all positions.
* Coin names and their values (dime).
* The difference between the minute hand and the hour hand on an analog clock.
* The difference between a.m. and p.m. when telling time.
* Mental math fact strategies (doubles, plus 1, plus 2).


As scientists, we have begun experimenting to determine how sound is made, how to muffle sound, and what causes sounds to be differ in tone, pitch, and volume.

Additionally, students are learning:
* Force creates vibrations known as sounds.
* Loudness is determined by the size of vibrations.
* Vibration frequency determines the pitch of the sound.
* The relationship between sound and vibrating objects.
*The length of an air column impacts pitch.
*Parts of the body vibrate to produce and receive sound.

Some of the vocabulary your child might start using includes: sound, sound wave, vocal cord, vibrate, frequency, eardrum, voice, pitch, volume, air column, and force

Social Studies:

Second graders are still hard at work learning about the local government, rules, and responsibilities. Students are also beginning work on a PBL in which they will create a city. Click HERE to view the presentation students will see before they begin this project.

Students will know:
* Definitions of government, services, value, historical figures, order, security, laws, citizenship
* The purpose and functions of government (Government leaders work to keep people safe and to keep order).
* Examples of government services and how they are valuable to the community. (Policeman protect us and keep us safe, parks provide recreation, etc.).
* Laws establish order and provide security.
* Characteristics of good citizenship (voting, taking care of the community, obeying laws, etc).
* Examples of historical figures who have exemplified good citizenship. (George Washington, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr.)

Upcoming Dates:

September 24th – Skate Night
September 25th – Uniform Free Day

October 1st – Curriculum Night & Progress Reports*

October 2nd – Box Tops Collection Day

October 6th – PTCO Meeting 7:00-8:00

October 7th- Fall Festival Donations Due

October 10th – Fall Festival 11:00-3:00

October 14th – Papa John’s Day

October 14th – Field Trip to Old Salem*

October 20th – Listening with Dr. Lowder 6:30-8:00 Mt. Pleasant High School

October 21st – Picture Day

October 22nd – Skate Night

October 23rd – End of First Quarter

October 26th – No School – Teacher Workday/Parent Conference Day-Watch for a sign up sheet to come home!

October 30th – Uniform Free Day


In order to volunteer and attend field trips, you will need a current Volunteer Background Check on file with the County Office. A Background Check is also required if you would like to invite friends to sit at the parent table at lunch in the Cafeteria.

Background Checks typically take anywhere between 7 to 10 business days to process and are good for 2 years. Please contact Beth Wilburn ( in the office if you have any questions or if you need the necessary paperwork.