Louis Armstrong

By Greg Marantz

Louis Armstrong (Bio)

Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo, was born in August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana where segregation was predominant within the population. Louis was a phenomenal jazz artist who went to New York during the Harlem Renaissance to play his jazz music in an orchestra, but was usually a soloist, during his time in New York, Louis would add comedy routines to his performances to give the audience a kick. Louis Armstrong was part of the music groups The Hot Five, The Hot Seven, and the All-Stars. Some songs that Louis Armstrong created were What a Wonderful World, La Vie en Rose, Hello Dolly, Jeepers Creepers, Etc. Louis died on July 6th, 1971 after completely changing the music world forever.
Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography

Accomplishments of Louis Armstrong

Created new types of jazz music

Recorded 5 decades of music hits

Wrote autobiographies

Appeared in films


Almost 300 concerts a year

Appeared on Time magazine and Life magazine

Grammy for lifetime achievement award

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World