Childhood Hunger

Causes and Effects of Childhood Hunger

How Many Kids Suffer

Can you believe how many kids suffer and possibly die from many different causes? Some kids suffer from abuse, hunger, and homelessness. Just think over 16.2 million kids suffer from hunger. It could be anyone who suffers from it, it could be the person sitting next to you, your neighbor, one of or friends, or your best friend. sometimes the only meal someone gets is lunch from school. There are so many different causes.

Causes of Childhood Hunger

There are many causes of childhood hunger. Your parents or guardian might not have enough money, they might have poverty or unemployment, the parents may have lost they're job and have no money, no nutrition can cause hunger, or the family could be homeless and not have enough money to get the nutrition that you need.

Help Stop the Hunger

We all need to help stop the hunger, according to "lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. They live in food insecure housholds and as a result they struggle with hunger at some time during the year." (2)