About My Life

By Jordy Barnett

Me In America Playing Baseball For Australia

In August i Went to America for baseball to represent Australia I was the number two batter and played short stop. But we made a holiday out of it after my baseball was finished. i was away from school for a month and three days. i went to Baltimore, Washington DC, Detroit, New York, Los Angelos, San Diego, MaryLand, Hollywood, Anaheim, Philadelphia. I watched three professinal baseball games there. Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres which i was in the best seats you can get and finnaly Baltimore Orioles. I went to disneyland and Universal Studies all those theme parks.

Other Hobbies

Some other hobbies that i have are. I love to follow the NBA and The MLB. I go for Texas Rangers in MLB and for NBA i go for Okalahoma City Thunder. My favourite basketball player is Kevin Durran, Russell Westbrooke, Derrick Rose and Blake Griffent, For MLB it is Josh Helmiton

I play basketball once a week on tuesday for fun.

My Favourite movies are the whole Batman series, Taken 1 and many others. My favourite TV series is Commuity. My favourite video games and Nba 2k13, MLB the show 12, and COD (Call Of Duty) Up above is Kevin Durrant and down below is Blake Griffen in dunk of the year

Griffin's INSANE dunk of the year!

My Favourtite Ad Down Below

I was watching TV in America and this came on and i find it really funny cause i follow the NBA and i know the players in it
Foot Locker - Tear Away commercial ft. Russell Westbrook and James Harden

What I've Learnt In I.T

I have learned to use excel well. We did a project on it with graphs and stats and things like that. I know how to use word very well as i use all the time for projects and i know a tiny little bit on scrath as i was in America while we were doing scratch

What I Know About Excel And Scratch

Ive learned how to mkae graphs, stats, line graphs and all differant types of graphs.We did two things on Excel one was a footy kick thing and the other was kings coffers they both were just answering qeustions with a bunch of stats Ive also learned how to add pictures videos also. In scratch ive learned how to make short videos. Or even long. All that stuff how it say when clicked green flag and move x101 to y 75