Action Sports Photography

Starting at $100: Split cost between players

It's not whether your child wins or loses but how they played the game.

Have you captured their spirit and intensity during a game? That memory is over in a Split Second. Photos commemorate those memories for a lifetime.

Packages Available

$100 Session Fee

I will photograph up to 2 players for 1 hour. The only photos taken will be of

the players that have paid. This will guarantee countless photos of your child.

A printed 8x10 scrapbook page with two photos of each child will be included.

$175 Session Fee

I will photograph your team in action at a game or event for a maximum of two hours.

Split the session fee cost among the team. Photos will be taken of all the players

on the team. I follow the action, so typically there are more photos of those

that have more interaction in the game. Those not participating will have to purchase

at the website rate after the event. On average, 8 players participate.

20 player’s cost is $8.75 per player, 10 player’s cost is $17.50 per player

Recent Work

What do you get?

- All editing, retouching and enhancing of images prior to posting.

-Access to an electronic link where you can download full resolution photos with full

copyrights. You can have these photos printed with any vendor of your choosing. Add them to your Christmas cards and make gifts for your loved ones.

- Website access so that you can share the photos with others. They can purchase prints directly from the website.

- Great value! By purchasing the electronic files with your session fee, you save money! Many photographers may charge a cheaper session fee but you have to buy expensive prints before you can enjoy the photos at home.