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Welcome to May & June/ 2022

Welcome to the May/June 2022 edition of the Southgate Medallion Family Day Home Agency Parent Newsletter. This month the agency is happy to welcome a new Consultant ASHLEY. Please see her introduction below.

"I just want to take this moment to introduce myself, my name is Ashley Cadger. I have been working in the childcare field for 13 years, over these past years in have been worked with toddler, preschool and out of school aged children in daycare settings. I attended CDI college and graduated in 2014. I value social-emotional literacy in the yearly years and scaffolding the children in problem solving. During my time working daycare I have had the chance to work along side GRIT and ASaP to create inclusive environments for children and families. Another on of my core values is fostering relationships with families, educators and children. I’ve been working close with the FLIGHT Early Learning Framework and implementing into my practice and educating others on pedological documentation and learning the language of the Framework. On the can find me at our lake lot on Lac La Nonne enjoying the weather and spending time with me with my beautiful stepdaughters, fiancé and our dog. I also like to spend my free time at spin class or exploring different places in the mountains.

This opportunity to work with SMFDH is another step to work within the childcare industry to advocate for quality childcare."

Educator Spotlight by Aniqa Khan

Happy Mothers Day!


Coordintor Corner

An Important Milestone!

2022 is an exciting time in the history of the Agency, as it turns 40 years old this year. The agency was formed in November 1982 by the owners Joyce Backstrom and Carole Kosteriva. What began as a small family day home service quickly grew to be one of the largest agencies in the province offering high quality child care. Since it’s creation the Agency has had a proud history of supporting women as small business owners to support and enable families to return to work.

This month, in conjunction with Educator Appreciation Month, the agency staff, owners, directors and educators look forward to celebrating and showing mutual gratitude for the hard work that goes in to providing safe, quality and excellent childcare.

Please take some time to show your appreciation to your day home Educator this month!

Annual Parent Survey

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Annual Parent Survey. The Agency really appreciates you taking the time to complete this and offer comments, suggestions and feedback. Please see the comments and responses below.

Thank you

Emma - Coordinator

Survey Comment and Agency Response

· “Covid protocols are extremely unrealistic. I understand we need to do our part in keeping everyone safe and healthy but expecting people to keep their children home for 10 days for every possible runny nose, etc is insane and just not feasible. There have been frustrating circumstances lately that seem avoidable (ie having to go to backup care that is not familiar to the children or even in the same neighbourhood because provider paperwork is not submitted on time). Would really like to see things function a little smoother.”

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate that the covid protocols seem frustrating at times. The agency follows the directives given to us by AHS as they are the health care professionals. Back up care is not always an ideal alternative option and the agency does try to place children into a day home that is as close to the proximity of your usual day home, however age and availability is always a determining factor in what we can offer.

· “Everything is good.”

Thank you for your comment.

· “We have been very satisfied with all of the providers we have been to. (Current Day Home Educator) goes above and beyond to make sure all their needs are met and that they have the best possible dayhome experience.”

Thank you for your comment.

· “I am still incredibly angered at the loss of personal data that occurred.”

Thank you for your comment. The agency is regretful that such an unfortunate incident ever happened to an Agency Staff member. Measures have been put into place to ensure that should a staff member ever get car-jacked again, no personal details of agency staff, parents or educators be lost.

“I also feel hounded by you about the ASQ. If I don’t get it filled out that day you start emailing non stop about them. I have decided I am no longer filling them out. I value the assessment and advice of my childs paediatrician way more than the ASQ.”

Thank you for your comment. The agency follows the suggested communication protocols as recommended by the Ages and Stages Questionnaire program. We are sorry if you feel “hounded”. As per the agency letter, the ASQ is a screening tool used to flag potential delays in a child’s development. As none of the Agency staff are paediatricians, the ASQ would never be used as a diagnostic tool and therefore would not compare to the diagnosis offered by paediatric specialist. Please connect with your consultant and inform her that you would like your information taken off the program and you will no longer continue to receive twice-yearly invitations to participate.

“I am suggesting written feedback to parents about the day program every day: what day do, eat, poo or peeps, sleep hours. It is embarrassing to ask all the questions every day, the educator has to do it herself in a written format without asking!”

Thank you for your suggestion. If your child is under two we recommend that educators use the Agency “All About My Day Forms”. If your child is over two, then please connect with your educator and consultant to problem-solve how you would like to receive those updates.

· Provider needs to communicate more verbally instead of through text messages. More outdoor play for kids. More physical activity. Babies should be sleeping in separate room.

Thank you for your comments. Please connect with your consultant to discuss more effective communication with your educator. The Agency promotes a variety of communication techniques. Educators should, as a Licencing Standard, be taking their day home children outside twice a day. Please reach out to your consultant to discuss this and the need for more physical activity. The Agency recommends all children sleep in the same area so that it is easier for the Educator to effectively supervise all the children in one area.

· Update on what child ate , what child did in form of activities would be great from provider .But not receiving those as of now . just a text every day or once every 2 days would also be fine . nothing of that sort is done.

Thank you for your comment. Please reach out to your consultant to discuss this so that the agency can rectify this.

· (Educator Name) is an amazing educator and we consider her part of our extended family. If my child for whatever reason was doing less hours than the ones she usually does, I always got a correction the next month, in terms of a lower fee, now it doesn't matter, I still pay the full amount.

Thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear that you are satisfied with your day home educator. The Agency doesn’t carry unused hours into the following month. As per the fee schedule you are paying to secure a block of time per month. If you notice that you aren’t using as many hours per month, you may need to adjust your Schedule A. Please be reminded that changes to a schedule A can only be made at the beginning of a new month, and your consultant needs three business days notice before the end of the month to make that change.

· Good

Thank you for your comment.

· Helpful

Thank you for your comment.

· I've flagged an issue with the annual tax receipt issued for childcare services by Southgate Medallion Family Dayhomes. The receipts do not align with CRA standards.The communication on this matter was not satisfactory and I am disappointed that the Agency has not taken steps to rectify the issue as it impacts all parents. I wrote a letter to the Co-owners of the Agency and have not received a response. I am a Director on an Out of School Care Board and I am aware that parents audited for childcare receipts are required to provide a receipt containing all the necessary information identified by CRA - the receipts issued annually by Southgate Medallion Family Dayhomes do not contain all the necessary information and I believe is a significant liability for parents. This issue has not been taken seriously by the Agency.

Thank you for your comment. The receipts do align with CRA standards, and should you receive an audit, the Agency supplies the required information CRA requests. The Agency staff communicated with you regarding this and gave you all the required information pertaining to claims that we weren’t supplying the correct information. The agency also sought advice from their accountant and CRA who both confirmed that the receipts issued are what CRA requests. The Co-Owners of the Agency are no longer actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the Agency, however in discussion regarding this issue, it was confirmed that the Agency has been issuing such receipts without problems since it began business operations 40 years ago. The Agency has taken your issue seriously, however the Agency has also put forward supported and well-researched reasons why the tax receipts are issued in the way that they have been for the past 40 years. The Agency is currently looking into updating the program and adding children’s names onto the annual tax receipt.

· I’ve been impressed since I enrolled my child. My consultant and my provider are meeting my needs effectively and efficiently.

Thank you for your comments. The Agency is glad to hear that you feel your needs are being met.

· More structure around communication with the educator and the program would be helpful.

Thank you for your comments. Please reach out to your consultant as the Agency would like to know more about how you would like to see more structure around communication.

· My kids are so happy and that makes me as a parent happy cause I know that they are safe and that they are learning new things each day. I thank you so much.

Thank you for your comments.

· Very happy with my educator and the agency. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your comments.

· I wish I knew what day my payments will come out and how much ahead of time. It is very stressful trying to guess what my payment will be and when it will come out. I steady day each month (like first Friday each month) my payment is taken and I receive a monthly notice of what that will be, or if there will be one. Payment communication is lacking big time.

Thank you for your comments. The Agency really appreciates all family’s patience and understanding during this time of transition to the new Affordability Grant and Subsidy. The Agency communicated at the beginning of the year that payments may take a little longer to process due to the agency staff having to adapt and learn a new system of funding that was brought in extremely quickly by the government. WE hope that as these processes become slicker, payments will be taken within the first five business days of the new month.

· (Educator’s Name) is doing amazing job. Our family is so happy about our children's growth.

Thank you for your comments. The Agency is pleased to read that you are happy with your educator.

· I answered disagree to #11 because I did not recieve an ages/stages questionaire. I remember saying when I registered my boys that I wanted to participate though.

Thank you for your comments. The ASQ is completed twice a year in January and July. If you enrolled your children after January 2022, you would not have received an invitation to participate. If you enrolled before January 2022 and think that you have been missed off the program, please reach out to your consultant who will be able to add your children to the program. Please look out for our invitation in July for the next ASQ.

· As I am still fairly new here, I may be able to give proper feedback only after some time.

Thank you for your comments. The Agency looks forward to your feedback next year.

Avoid saying no to your child.

What To Say Instead Of “NO!”

Am I saying “no” to my child too often?

If your child regularly ignores you when you tell her "no", then chances are you're saying it too frequently. Your child may have heard the word so often that she’s learned to tune it out. The problem with this is that she's too young to judge when listening to "no" is important, such as when she’s about to do something unsafe. There are many ways to tell a child no, but not all of them are effective. If you say no to your child, it’s important to show that you mean it.

1. Connect with what your child is feeling or trying to do.

The biggest reason to pick a more thoughtful response is that "no" skips a powerful step in human interactions, attuning. Attuning means letting the other person know you understand. Instead of no, we should send the message, "I get you. I see what you're trying to do. I'm going to set and hold a limit, but I do understand where you're coming from." Take a break from: "No, don't hit me!" Instead try: "You were really upset and you hit me (say this while blocking little hands from hitting you again). I can see how frustrated you are, but it's not okay to hit people because it hurts You could tell Try telling me with your words how you feel."

2. Explain why.

Kids value reasoning just as much as adults do, and "no" is lacking in explanation. Explaining why helps kids learn to make better choices in the future. Take a break from: "No, don't touch that." Instead try: "That isn't a toy, so we will leave it on the shelf. It's delicate and it could break if we touch or play with it."

3.Let your child know what he may do instead of telling him what he can’t do

Instead of, “No, you can’t have a cookie now,” try saying, “You may have a cookie after dinner.” Instead of, “No climbing on the furniture,” try, “The chair is for sitting in. If you’d like to climb, you may climb here (showing him). “Instead of, “No, we can’t go to the playground because it’s raining,” try saying,” I know how much you love to play outside. We can go out as soon as the rain stops. Would you like to read a story or build with your blocks while we wait for the rain to stop?” Instead of, “No! No throwing balls indoors,” try saying, “You can roll the ball indoors or take it outside and throw it. What’s your choice?”

4. Use “sportscasting” to say what you see:

Instead of saying, “No throwing food!” try saying, “You’re throwing your food. That tells me you’re done eating, so I am going to put the food away now.” Instead of “No splashing in the cat’s water bowl,” try saying, “You are playing in the cat’s water bowl, and splashing water all over the floor. That water is for the cat to drink. If you want to play in water, let’s fill the tub with water.”

5. Keep communication open.

No matter what age you are, when someone sternly says "no," your reaction will be to either shut down or push back harder and rebel. Both reactions lead to power struggles and resentment, rather than opening a conversation for learning and guiding. Take a break from: "No, we don't say that to people.” Instead try: "You wanted space, I can see that. You shoved your friend and he fell down. What could you have said instead? Let's check in and see if he's okay."