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The history of the red river cart.

The red river carts were invented by the Metis in Canada at the Red River settlement. They were first used for transporting buffalo meat after a hunt. Eventually they used these carts to transport goods (mainly fur trade items) to remote areas. These carts helped shape and expand the fur trade business in remote areas. These carts also made it very easy for settlers to move into less populated areas (North Dakota is an example). The carts would lead more settlers into these areas and lead to small communities forming and eventually becoming towns and cities.
Red River Carts

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • They were able to carry fairly large loads (up to 1000 pounds) to remote areas.
  • They were a more cost effective way to transport goods mainly because they did not use any steel elements which were expensive at the time.
  • You only needed one ox or horse to haul goods instead of two.
  • Because it was entirely made out of wood parts needed to be replaced more often than steel would have to be, but luckily if you take them through heavily wooded areas you can use the wood in the woods to repair it.

  • They did not last that long only several years before the steamboat and the railroad came along.
  • They were very noisy you could hear them from a long way away.

How did these carts impact North Dakota

Without these carts North Dakota would probably not have near as many people as we do today because of the early development with the settlers. The settlers kept on coming and eventually formed towns and later on forming cities, therefore forming a state. It helped give our economy an early boost mainly because of all the trade involved and the ability to move entire families to new locations.
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