9/11 Memorial And Museum

By- Isaic Millington

The 9/11 Memorial remembers all those who died on that fatal day. Those who risked their lives to save others

9/11 Memorail paper

There'll never be another day like September 11th, no one expected a terrist attack on American soil. "We lost a lot, but we gained more. United we stand. We learned freedom isn't always free. Always remeber, never forget 9/11". America will always remeber that fatal day when terrorists took 2,977 Americans lives.

Americans will always remeber that fatal day, 9/11. The 9/11memorial is the most symbolic memorial in America. It conveys a spirit of hope for the American people. The survior tree is a real example of hope, it survived 9/11. It was pull from the rubble, it had lifeless limbs, snapped roots and blacked trunk. After months and months of intensive care it was brought back and planted in the same place it was originally planted in 1970's.

There's a lot f work put into building the memorial, it costs 700 million dollars To operate the memorial, it costs 60 million dollars. The reflecting pools were a struggle to make because it' s mostly granite. They placed the pools exactly right were the twin towers once layed. There's over 400 fully grown trees at the memorial surrounding the pools. There was over 2,900 collectors donated to the memorial. 10,300 artifacts are in the memorial, also 23,000 images were donated by the families and by other people that toke photos while this was happening.

Many names of the victims are carved into the border of the reflecting pools. The names are also carved into bronze in the memorial the names are arranged in the shape of the twin towers. Also there's a giant wall that's has all the faces of the victims in it put up in the memorial exhibit. There's over 1,900 oral recordings of the survivors, talking about their encounters. The reflecting pools are the most visited part of the memorial/museum.

There will always be a spot in our hearts for those that died even if we didn't know them. Some, risked their lives so save others, but lots of people died trying. Some were successful stoping the terrorists but everyone on the plane unforturnaly died.

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