Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz: Teaching Art History

Andy Calkiewicz

Andy Calkiewicz enjoys his position as an art history professor. His position gives him the opportunity to educate people on the importance and history of art. Andy Calkiewicz has an in-depth knowledge of the many different eras and talents that have contributed to the art world. Andy Calkiewicz has a passion for teaching, for art and for broadening his students’ horizons.

Andy Calkiewicz is Devoted to His Family

Andy Calkiewicz has a busy career as both an academic at Columbia University and as a professor of art at New York University. Though it’s difficult to manage the responsibilities of his two professional roles, he always manages to find the time for his wife and newborn son.

Andy Calkiewicz believes that family should always come first. Career and academic pursuits are important and should not be undervalued, though Andy Calkiewicz believes that the needs of his family, and his responsibilities as a new father, should always be at the forefront of his life. Andy makes the care of his family unit his highest priority, regardless of anything else that’s going on.

As the father of a new baby boy, Andy Calkiewicz throws the majority of his time and energy into the raising of his child. Each moment that Andy Calkiewicz spends with his newborn is a reminder of how lucky he is to be alive. His wife, Alexandra, is committed to the nurture and the care of her new child, and is proud to be the member of a thriving and growing family unit.

Andy Calkiewicz knows how difficult it can to be both a responsible father and a successful college professor, yet he always seems to find the time to excel in both positions. Andy continues to adjust to his life as a busy professional and family man, and believes that the joys of fatherhood are the best things a young man has the opportunity to experience in his life.

Andy Calkiewicz: Changing the Definition of Art

Andy Calkiewicz is an NYU art professor who believes that art should always push the boundaries of understanding. As an enthusiastic student and teacher of the 20th century Avant Garde Art movements, Andy Calkiewicz understands how a thinking outside the box approach to art work can not only shake up the art community, but provide people an amazing opportunity for people to reconsider how they see and experience the known world.

Andy Calkiewicz wants every student to experience something special in the classroom. It is his desire to show students that art is more than what exists in a book or that is taught in a lesson. Art, says Andy Calkiewicz, is a passion for understanding, for learning, and for tapping into the unknown. Andy understands that art has a varied and rich history that deserves to be taught and understood, but that art should also reflect what a person thinks and feels about the world. Andy Calkiewicz seeks to provide inspiring lectures that do more than just lay out facts and statistics about artists and movements. He wants to invoke a sense of passion for the possibilities of art.

Andy Calkiewicz studied art at both the Rhode Island School of Design and at Columbia University. He is quickly approaching his Doctoral degree. Andy Calkiewicz has had the opportunity to publish his thoughts on the Avant Garde movements of the 20th century, and has several books to his credit. Andy is respected in the art community for his knowledge and his passion for the movements that forever changed the way we see and experience art.

Andy Calkiewicz Has a Love For Teaching

Many teachers are in the profession just to punch the clock, working the nine to five grind, earning a paycheck and going home to forget about the stresses of the day. Andy Calkiewicz, however, chose teaching because it allowed him the opportunity to inspire other people, as well as to promote and impart the values of education and learning to eager young minds.

Andy Calkiewicz has had an interest in art from a very early age, gravitating towards the Avant Garde movements of Dadaism and Surrealism at a very early point in his young career. Andy Calkiewicz attended the Rhode Island School of Design so that he could discover how to better use his talent, love and knowledge of the art world to make a difference. With a Bachelor’s degree of Art History and Visual Culture in tow, Andy Calkiewicz continued his academic career at Columbia University, where he studied art history.

Andy Calkiewicz has an extensive academic background that includes five years or professional teaching at New York University. As a teacher focusing on the Avant Garde art movements of the twentieth century, Andy Calkiewicz hopes to instill the same appreciation for the interesting and often misunderstood movements that continue to inspire him.

Combining teaching and art was a no-brainer for Andy Calkiewicz. His desire to share his passion with young and eager people has served as a powerful inspiration to any who plan on someday entering the teaching profession. Andy Calkiewicz capitalizes on unrelenting zeal, energy and enthusiasm to make the most of every teaching opportunity.

Andy Calkiewicz: How to Keep An Audience’s Attention

Andy Calkiewicz knows a thing or two about public speaking, and about the challenges of effectively reaching an audience. Maintaining a rapt and alert crowd is certainly no easy task, though Andy Calkiewicz has mastered the ability to keep an audience intrigued and attuned to his message.

Andy Calkiewicz is a teacher of art history at New York University, and has learned how to develop a lasting rapport with his students. Relying on an extensive knowledge base and an unrelenting enthusiasm for education, Andy is able to convey his insight and knowledge to a university-level audience on a daily basis. Andy Calkiewicz seeks to inspire his students to not only keep focused on his lecture and delivery, but also to use the learned information to tackle the challenges of an art career.

Andy Calkiewicz is continuing his education at Columbia University, and is now nearing the completion of the PhD program. As a specialist in art history, most specifically the Avant Garde movement, Andy hopes to continue to utilize his education to inspire others. His goal is to provide his students with an accurate and entertaining portrayal of a movement that played a very large role in his academic career.

Speaking to a crowd, any crowd, can be extremely nerve-wracking and stressful. Andy Calkiewicz very quickly overcame his public speaking fears, in part due his desire to share his knowledge of the art community. Andy Calkiewicz has enthusiasm for Surrealism and Dadaism as they have served as the foundation for his continued career success.

Andy Calkiewicz: Making Great Art

Andy Calkiewicz has a passion for both studying and teaching art. His focus on the movements of Dadaism and Surrealism allow him to experience an interesting and paradigm shifting art genre that has drastically changed the way people around the world approach the development and appreciation of great art.

Andy Calkiewicz has the privilege of exposing young minds to an interesting and oft-overlooked art movement. His expertise on the Dadaist and Surrealist movements allows him to convey an in-depth understanding of the artists and art scene during the explosion of avant garde expression. Andy Calkiewicz enjoys educating young people on genres that are often dismissed or overlooked by other art professors and aficionados. The power of the avant garde movement wasn’t lost on Andy Calkiewicz, who understands the lasting and earth-shattering impact it had, and continues to have, on people’s perception of modern day art.

Andy is currently a professor of art at New York University, helping countless students develop a better understanding of one if his favorite subjects. Andy Calkiewicz is studied academic and published author who is considered one of the brightest and most informed minds regarding the Avant Garde movement.

Andy Calkiewicz is currently working towards his Doctorate at Columbia University. Now working on his dissertation, Andy Calkiewicz seeks to use his PhD to further educate his pupils about the wonderful and varied history of Avant Garde and the impacts it continues to have to this day. Andy has been teaching at New York University for over five years.

Andy Calkiewicz: Teaching is Rewarding

Teaching can be a very rewarding career, particularly for someone is invested in the future of his or her students. Andy Calkiewicz entered the teaching profession because it provided him the opportunity to connect with students, to share his knowledge of the world, and to make a real difference for young people.

Andy Calkiewicz has a daily opportunity to reach young minds. He appreciates any chance he gets to have a positive impact on a young person’s future. As a NYU professor of Art History, Andy Calkiewicz is dedicated to the idea that every student should have the same access to knowledge, information and experience that he has had. A higher education is not only an opportunity to build a foundation for a career. It is also an opportunity to expand one’s horizons, to discover one’s potential and to learn more about the human experience. Andy Calkiewicz cherishes the time he has had to receive a quality education, and he wants his students to get as much out of their college experiences as he has.

Andy Calkiewicz is known for his commitment to preparation. He designs lesson plans and discussions that keep his students intrigued, interested and involved. Andy Calkiewicz is a celebrated NYU professor who is respected for the devotion he shows towards his students. His goal is to do anything he can to help a young student succeed.

Andy Calkiewicz enjoys teaching immensely. He hopes to build a long and illustrious career as a college professor. Andy Calkiewicz is a valued member of the NYU faculty.

Andy Calkiewicz: Surrealism Expert

Andy Calkiewicz is well-studied and well-versed on the surrealist art movement. He has written and published several books on the subject, and currently teaches surrealism at New York University.

The surrealism movement includes such artists as Salvador Dali, who produced many famous pieces and has become to the most recognized surrealist of his day. Andy Calkiewicz has an in-depth knowledge of Dali and his fellow surrealists, and he never hesitates to share his expertise with his students. He has outlined the diverse group of both Surrealists and Dadaists in his literature, and has made them a focus of his classroom discussions.

Andy Calkiewicz is quickly becoming the go-to surrealist and Dadaist expert in the New York University campus. Students and faculty alike seek out Andy for his insight and his knowledge. Andy Calkiewicz has enjoyed the recognition of his peers, as well as that of the NYU student body, though he refuses to stop learning as much as he can about these amazing Avant Garde art movements. His commitment to learning is unparalleled.

Andy Calkiewicz doesn’t believe that you can ever know too much about a subject, particularly if you are employed as an academic professional. Andy Calkiewicz knows that education is an endless pursuit, and that is must always be given its due diligence. Though many are considered experts on a given topic, there is always more to be learned. As someone who is tenaciously pursuing his PhD, Andy Calkiewicz understands that there is always more information to absorb.

Andy Calkiewicz: Published Author

Getting one’s book published is never an easy thing to do. Andy Calkiewicz, a professional academic and teacher. Has managed to have several books published, thanks to a combination of writing talent and subject expertise.

Andy Calkiewicz is considered by many of his peers, as well as his students, as an expert on art history, particularly the Avant Garde art movements of the twentieth century. His books tend to focus on the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, which produced a lot of interesting and talented artists. Andy Calkiewicz has produced insightful commentary and analysis of the Avant Garde movements, and many people use his books as a source of reference for Surrealism and Dadaism.

Andy Calkiewicz has earned a lot of respect for his work in the art history field. His books have helped to boost his credentials as both a quality academic and an art history expert. As a Surrealism and Dadaism specialist, Andy Calkiewicz stands out as one of the foremost authorities on Avant Garde movements in his profession. He continues to teach art history at New York University, dissecting these movements for his students and participating in thoughtful and well-informed discussions with his colleagues.

In addition to being a successful published author, Andy Calkiewicz is also a proud new father. He is happy to be the father of a brand new son named Adam. Andy Calkiewicz takes his responsibilities as a new dad very seriously, and manages to successfully balance his duties as both a respected academic and a parent.

Andy Calkiewicz: Art History is Fascinating

Andy Calkiewicz believes that art history is an extremely fascinating subject. He was drawn into the world of art history at a very early point in his academic career, and he continues to learn as much as can about the personalities, the eras and the numerous works that comprise this complex and challenging subject.

Andy Calkiewicz is a much beloved professor of Art History at New York University, a school known for its excellent art history program. He has made an excellent addition to the New York University art faculty, constantly exhibiting a passion for teaching and for the subject matter. Andy Calkiewicz’s students appreciate his enthusiasm, as well as the work he puts in to prepare for every class. He has become so well-entrenched in the New York University art community that it would be very difficult to imagine it without him.

Andy Calkiewicz is continuing his art history education at Columbia University, which has earned much recognition for its art education curriculum. Pursuing a PhD is no easy task, yet Andy has been committed and dedicated from the onset. Adam Calkiewicz understands that the effort he puts in now will be well worth it, not only for his career, but for himself.

Andy Calkiewicz is proud to have earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in this amazingly interesting subject. Having the academic credentials necessary to build a solid and lasting career foundation is very important to Andy Calkiewicz. He hopes to continue teaching art history for a very long time.

Andy Calkiewicz Emphasizes Importance of Academics

Andy Calkiewicz knows how crucial it is to receive a quality college education. Andy has established a successful academic career through hard work, dedication and a sincere interest in furthering his career.

Andy Calkiewicz possesses both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, each one focusing on his interests in art and art history. He was a student at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, where he began to build a strong foundation in the art profession. Andy Calkiewicz was a very studious and dedicated art student who put in long hours at the school. His Rhode Island School experience helped him to discover his true academic potential. As the recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art History and Visual Culture, Andy was able to establish strong roots in both the academic and the art communities.

Andy Calkiewicz relied on his Bachelor’s degree as a foundation for his graduate school education. With a fervent desire to learn as much as he could about art and art history, he felt it was necessary to begin a pursuit of a Master’s degree. Andy Calkiewicz soon enrolled at Columbia University, beginning the climb towards an eventual Master’s degree in Art History. It was this degree that provided him the credentials he needed to become a Professor of Art History and New York University.

Andy Calkiewicz is now well on his way towards earning a PhD. He remained at Columbia University because he gained a deep respect for the university’s art history program.