Canada Lynx

jarvis white


scientific name: Lynx Canadensis

color: brown

size range: 48 – 56 cm (Adult, At Shoulder)

weight range: 8 – 11 kg (Adult), 0.18 – 0.24 kg (Newborn)

outstanding characteristics: hearing, smell, and sight

animal group


animal habitat

the northern united states and southern Canada in north America

where is it found?

boreal forest canada, montreal, idaho, washington, and utah


snowshoe hares, mammals, birds, and caribou

5 intersting facts

  • sharp claws that help to climb
  • all of its hunting is done at night
  • big eyes & superior hearing
  • very territory animals
  • males live alone

why is it endangered?

hunting in smaller areas and competing against each other

how many live in the world

70 worldwide, with 34 being in the U.S.

the role of the lynx and importance

to make sure snowshoe hares population stay at a constant rate

efforts to save the lynx

stop letting tree companys cut down the trees that the lynx need

steps to save this animal

got to the where u can adopt or donate a lynx so that they wouldnt go extinct