Family, Fall, and Fulton

Mid-September to Mid-October

Bush Babies

No, I'm not referring to the tiny African primates! So far this school year, 4 staff members have announced that they are expecting little ones in February and March. Wow! We are in for quite the year at Bush, aren't we?!
A couple weeks ago, Lisa went in for her gender scan and they found out they are having a baby girl! To the left is the arrangement of flowers I surprised her with the following day at school. If I had been a little quicker on my feet, I would have asked for the arrangement to be in purple. After all, they've already chosen her name to be Violet. I may still call her bush baby, though :).

Getting into the Fall Spirit!

The weather is finally cooling down. The trees are beginning to change. Halloween is just around the corner! (Parts of my costume are already on their way to my apartment!)
Without fail, Autumn has begun to re-energize me. I feel lighter and happier and my need for exploration and creativity has returned.

In the last few weeks I've experienced a number of creative outlets:
-Saw a college production of Romeo and Juliet with Abby
-Went to see Abby's boyfriend in a choral performance
-Bought some art at the Autumn on the Bricks festival in Fulton
-Made a fall flower basket for my door
-Created a short video to help some of my teachers present, "The pros of having small math groups in the classroom," to the Board of Education

Hopefully I can keep this creative momentum going for the rest of the year!

Family Time is My Favorite Time

I've been getting to see the fam a lot more lately, which always puts me in a good mood.

We got together for Abby's last family weekend at Mizzou. Mom, Dad, Abby, and I got exceptionally red in the face from sitting out at the game all afternoon. The stadium was PACKED and going to the concessions stand during half time was a huge mistake! Amanda stopped by Abby's apartment on her way back to KC, so we all got to hang out for a little while before going our separate ways.

We also got the chance to meet up at Les Bourgeois Winery on an absolutely gorgeous day. Of course, I filled the role of the perpetual 3rd wheel. Or, in this case, the 7th wheel hahaha. We had a really good time and ate/drank lots of delicious food and wine.

I'm hoping to plan a trip to see Amanda in Kansas City again soon. I haven't been back since we helped move all of her stuff into the apartment. Mom and Dad said it's all nicely decorated now.

And speaking of family...

I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend, October! (Formerly, Mocha.)
I adopted this cute ball of fur on the 11th and she has already proven to be a very, 'go with the flow,' kind of kitty. She's eating well and hasn't had any accidents so far! She's taken her changing environment/litter/food/companionship in stride. So far her favorite place in the apartment is my closet. I got her a kitty bed and toys, but she seems pretty uninterested in those things. Mostly she just likes to cuddle on my bed with me when I get home from work. When she wants to be petted, she rears back on her haunches and lifts both of her front paws in the air. I am in love with her already.
Big image

Final bits of news

-October 1st marks the one year anniversary of my 1st day working at the school! I've officially seen all four seasons while working at Bush!
-We got our yearbook photos taken. Mine turned out really well this year!
-New windows were installed in our front office yesterday. Don't they look good?! Lisa and I are pretty excited about them :).
I hope you are enjoying your Fall as much as I'm enjoying mine!

As always, the best way to see what I'm up to is to check out my Instagram. I post photo updates pretty frequently.

I'll write again soon <3.