Reforms in the United States

Was reform needed? Was it a real and meaningful change?

What does reform mean?



  1. make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

Brainstorm "reforms" in the U.S.

Why did America enter into a period of social reform during the early 1800s?

ObJective: Examine the types of reform movements that Americans participated in during the early 1800s.
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2nd Great Awakening: Pushed reform movement

  • A huge religious movement all over America that lasted from the 1790’s through the 1840’s. It was mainly a Protestant movement that involved evangelical preaching, meaning active preaching to get others to devote their lives to Christianity. This religious movement meant to bring religion to the common everyday people and rural areas.
  • Known for the many revival camps in rural areas that occurred throughout the United States. These revivals brought up to 20,000 people together to strengthen their beliefs, and be actively involved in Christianity. Preachers often traveled from town to town, urging sinners to seek salvation. The preachers often spoke in a direct and forceful style, and refused to use the normal less interesting speech of the typical churches for the elite. These preachers spoke to the common people, and stirred new emotions in the people attending.

Change...was it needed and was it real and meaningful?

Education Reform

  • What could they have done to make the movement more successful?
  • How was the movement perceived by the majority?
  • How does it relate today?

Task: Research one of the reforms to prepare for a "Present Off"!

  • Organize your information in some presentation way with illustrations or needed data
  • Make sure you have both sides positives and negatives
  • How it has affected future movements or implications
  • Be prepared to share and have the most knowledge and persuade classmates and teachers
  • Presentation should be no less than 5 minutes but no more than 7 minutes
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Your Opponents!

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